Shake proof?

Seismic activities = Earthquakes = sudden violent shaking of the ground as a result of movements within the earth’s crust

Generally speaking, seismic qualifications are classified and measured as such:

  • Low (0.1g) - noticeable by people,
  • Moderate (0.25g) - causing people to lose balance and/or shake products off store shelves
  • High (0.5g) - extreme shaking with heavy observable damage to buildings

How does this apply to power plants and equipment?

While earthquakes cannot be prevented, power equipment can be protected from outages and severe damages. In a power plant, generator circuit-breakers (GCBs) increase the protection of important power plant assets such as transformers and generators to enhance their safety and reliability.

As a world leader in design and manufacturing of GCBs, ABB continuously pushes the boundaries to provide leading-edge GCBs that surpass standard test requirements.

What you need to know about ABB's GCBs compliance to IEC/TR 62271-300 seismic qualification?

IEC/TR 62271-300 is a seismic qualification of alternating current circuit-breakers, which takes into account any auxiliary and control equipment that is mounted on the circuit-breaker structure.

The world's most powerful GCB, HEC 9 and the compact open-type GCB, HVR-63 have been put to the test, doubling the standard seismic qualification levels (1g).

Watch how it is done.

GCB seismic test video


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