Farming a greener future

Farming a greener future

France is undergoing an energy transformation. The Government has introduced an Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, which aims to reduce the heavy dependence on nuclear energy and promote renewable energy sources. As part of this movement, France plans to more than double its solar power capacity in the next ten years.

France's agricultural economy is the most dominant in Europe and a key player in France’s energy transition plan. A shared vision for a greater role for solar energy in the agricultural sector is at the heart of a collaboration between KDISOLAR (a distributor of photovoltaic solutions based in Nantes) and SILICEO (an installer of solar power systems with headquarters near Châlons-en-Champagne).

Working together, the two firms are providing French farmers with innovative energy solutions mounted on farm sheds. By enabling farmers to produce renewable energy, this initiative is putting farmers at the forefront of France’s energy transformation.

In order to achieve the best outcomes for their agricultural customers, KDISOLAR and SILICEO placed their trust in ABB. For a solar energy installation at a 1,000 m² farm shed near Châlons-en-Champagne, the sleek solution only includes:

  • 1 ABB PVS-100 inverter
  • Wiring box equipped with all DC/AC protections
  • 350 modules 285Wp
  • GSM-Wifi/LAN router for remote monitoring
  • Point of Injection cabinet

KDISOLAR and SILICEO knew they could count on ABB’s proven state-of-the-art technology and the market-leading ABB PVS-100. With a strong ABB presence in France as well, they knew they would be able to get the high-level of service they needed to support these projects.

Marc Jannin, Technical Director and Sales Manager for KDISOLAR, says: "We have invested in a large stock of PVS-100 because it is the best-in-class solution for 100kWp installations. Besides, the trustworthy relationship woven since 2012 with the French organization and the bankability of ABB gives ours customers confidence in the future.”

Jean-Baptiste Bournaison, Managing Director of SILICEO, adds: “ABB’s innovative solution allows us to simplify the architecture of 100kWp PV installations while maintaining flexibility. This unique, sleek solution optimizes both the CAPEX and OPEX of the project which improves our customers’ return on investment."

ABB’s experience, portfolio and innovation has been enabling initiatives like this all over the world, helping installers and EPCs build towards a greener, more sustainable future. So if you’re thinking about how you can do more with your installations visit


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