ABB Lessens Lifecycle Impact on Production

Parts and products evolve as they transition through their lifecycle; so does ABB's ability to support those parts, products and their supporting services. From installation, with new parts, to repair offerings, ABB has a variety of services that meet various customers' needs, priorities and values.

In the lifecycle stages of Active and Classic, ABB provides a full range of services and inventory stocking options. The ABB Capital Spares program helps customers who would like to increase their spares but are limited by the lack of initial capital. This service provides the benefits of a consignment model, but creates a path to ownership. The ABB Inventory Access Program gives customers a cost-effective consignment option that puts parts owned and maintained by ABB into their facility for a monthly fee.

As items move into the later stages of Limited and Obsolete, the focus shifts to refurbished parts and repair. It is important to follow recommended lifecycle migration and upgrade strategies from ABB to maintain required part inventories in order to sustain production.

Spares management needs continual and active monitoring to reduce production disruption. It is also advantageous to be actively engaged with customers during all major milestones to help protect the longevity of their investment and reinforce the value of ABB parts and service.

Contact your local service group with questions regarding the lifecycle impact on your customer's parts support network.

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