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Power Grids is finding new ways to share our expertise and thought leadership on the latest trends and innovations in the power transmission and distribution industry

The power industry is constantly evolving, and ABB’s communications channels are evolving as well. Podcasts – a series of spoken, audio episodes focused on a particular topic or theme – are growing in popularity, and they are a terrific way to tell our story in a different way. The format lends itself to longer, more in-depth explanation, and enables a conversation to take place around a topic, instead of simply a one-way information dump

The Power Grids North America Power Pulse podcast is intended to educate our customers, employees, media, partners and anyone who is interested in learning about industry drivers, technologies and trends. Over the last few months, we’ve interviewed very talented engineers, business leaders and power industry experts to learn about the latest trends in power transmission and distribution.

Power Grids' Leslie Aloud interviewing ABB eMobility expert Sal Gill for an episode
Power Grids' Leslie Aloud interviewing ABB eMobility expert Sal Gill for an episode

The experts had a lot to say! With topics ranging from intelligent transformers, renewable energy integration, the impact of electric vehicles on the grid, digitalization, and much more, there is something for everyone interested in our business. Episodes range between 15 and 30 minutes long, which may be just the perfect chunk of time for your commute to work or your workout.

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So please, join us! Give Power Pulse a listen, and maybe you’ll find that you have an idea for an episode! We are open to topic suggestions and are always looking for people to come talk to us. We’d be delighted to do some joint podcasts with our customers, too. For ideas, questions, or suggestions, reach out to our podcast mailbox here

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