ABB positioned in PERUMIN technologies for digital transformation in mining

During PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention, ABB in Peru opted to develop an innovative space where more than 60,000 attendees and 800 participating institutions and companies could learn about the largest portfolio of digital solutions, which is channeling the mining sector towards industry 4.0.

In the recent edition of the second most important mining convention in the world, Perumin, the importance of promoting science and technological innovation in the mining industry was on the agenda and discussed. A topic of high interest to ABB in Peru that, in line with the objectives of Perumin, has set out to lead the digitalization of national mining through the largest portfolio of digital services available to the industry.

To connect in real time the data of the processes of a mining operation, to integrate the electrical system with all the assets of a plant, to recognize through the virtual reality the operation of the digital substations, were some of the innovations that ABB presented to the public specialized assistant to Perumin.

To ensure a thorough experience of ABB's digital proposal, the four business lines of the Swedish multinational (Industrial Automation, Motion, Electrification and Power Grids) offered a circuit with the most representative and demanded technologies by the mining industry. This ambitious commitment allowed strengthening relations between ABB and its main audiences.

Also, during the framework of ABB activities in PERUMIN, the announcement of a milestone in Peruvian mining was made. Wilson Monteiro, Country Managing Director of ABB in Peru, revealed that our country will have its first digital mine after closing a project with an important company that seeks to have its operations fully digitized. "We have already begun with the stage of identification of the main development points, which will allow us to define in which areas of this mine to start the digitalization process, this in order to recover the investment much faster", said Monteiro.

Industrial Automation

Wilson Monteiro, Country Managing Director of ABB in Peru, explained that the Industrial Automation line of business sought to position in PERUMIN as the best alternative to helps mining companies get quick returns on their investments in this process towards digitalization. “In PERUMIN we have presented our 800xa system, and we have carried out for the public a simulation of automation, control and advanced process control, all through the EOW (Extended Operator Workplace) and the Collaboration board. We can say that nowadays this system represents an important competitive differential element in companies”, said Monteiro.

Another of the novelties presented for the first time in PERUMIN was the "LLT100", the most innovative transmitter in the level of fluids and solids manufactured for industrial applications and adverse environments such as mining. Based on laser and contactless technology, the “LLT100” performs measurements accurately and has a range of 30 meters for liquids, 100 meters for solids and 200 meters for positioning.


Yvan Ponce, Manager of Motion Business Line of ABB in Peru, commented that during PERUMIN, Motion's business line proposed the equipment to consolidate a complete electromechanical drivetrain for any mining application, which could be applied in pumps, crushers, mills, among others.

“Motion has evolved trying to combine conventional drives with modern technologies that include advanced digital technology and services linked to the drivetrain for any type of mining application. This combines equipment such as variable speed drives, electric motors and mechanical power transmission equipment, aligned under the ABB Ability concept for the Electromechanical Drive Train”, said Ponce.


The proposal of the Electrification business line in PERUMIN was based on showing solutions such as medium voltage substations for mining and ANSI medium voltage switchgears through a virtual reality experience, this in order to generate greater interaction and distill dynamism in the explanation of the operation of the mentioned technologies.

Additionally, Terra 54 was introduced, the most optimal charging infrastructure for all electric vehicles, including those used in mining operations.

“The Electrification business line also presented the Ekip Up, a device that allows you to have all the information of ABB boards, old or other, available digitally uploaded to the cloud. We also made our REX640 available to the public, a new proposal from ABB in terms of control and protections in medium voltage, and that replaces several types of relays in one”, said Galo Acosta, Manager of ABB's Electrification Business Line at Peru.

Power Grids

Moreover, the Power Grids business line presented various solutions aimed at the power field, such as transformers and high voltage equipment. “We have focused the issue of innovation and digitization on the complementary equipment that goes with the power equipment, including monitoring equipment, tropOS, micrOS, sensors and, we have brought a novelty, MicroSCADA X, the best software that provides various industries with a unique vision of energy networks, even from mobile devices such as Tablets and laptops”, said Augusto Martinelli, Manager of Power Grids Business Line at ABB in Peru.

It should be noted that PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention served as a stage to present for the first time, in a massive way to the Peruvian public, MicroSCADA X, which in this pro version, is integrated with various new elements such as improved geographical location graphs.

Dialogue opportunities

PERUMIN not only represented for ABB an opportunity for dialogue with its main clients and representatives of the mining companies in the southern region, as was the visit of the Executive Director of Antamina, Abraham Chahuan. ABB's innovations also generated the interest of key personalities in the country's economic and social development, including the Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ísmodes, and the Swedish ambassador to Peru, Cecilia Ekholm.


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