ABB’s new Arctic product family brings remote assets within reach – wirelessly

ABB expands its portfolio of wireless communication products by adding the Arctic product family. The newcomer offers secure and cost-effective wireless connectivity for all industrial and utility applications, ranging from enabling the industrial Internet of Things to remote real-time grid automation.

ABB's Arctic wireless communication products allow utilities to access geographically remote assets in their quest to build more intelligent distribution networks and promote an increasingly interconnected world, whereas industries are able to conveniently manage their assets remotely. As the backbone for communication, the Arctic family utilizes wireless cellular networks, making it possible to combine the products into secure as well as cost-effective wireless communication systems with global coverage. No additional costs apply for operating the devices other than for data transfer.

Wireless connectivity for all industrial and utility applications
The Arctic product family includes the wireless gateway ARG600, the wireless protocol gateway ARP600, the wireless I/O gateway ARR600, the wireless controller ARC600 and the M2M gateway ARM600. The Arctic products are typically part of a complete communication system with gateways and controllers in remote locations and the M2M gateway in a central control room, connected via existing GPRS, 3G or LTE networks and internet. The central control room also houses a monitoring and control system, such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Utility applications typically include ring main units or outdoor breakers, whereas industries can benefit from centralized asset health management, and remote service and maintenance.

Optimal level of cyber security to safeguard the entire wireless communication system
ABB employs strict cyber security measures, such as secure VPN tunnelling, firewalls and private IP addressing, to safeguard the complete, wireless communication system and ensure the utmost level of security. In addition, the centrally located M2M gateway includes a unique device management application, called Arctic Patrol, which supervises the communication links and alerts the user to any disruptions. The user can exclusively manage the installed base as well as gather network data such as network usage, speed and uptime.

This technology for wireless communication is introduced in times when an increasing number of utilities and industries are looking for wireless connectivity for remote control and asset management. The addition of the Arctic product family expands ABB's selection of communication technologies, as well as enables ABB to offer complete wireless communication systems in addition to the traditional offering within distribution automation.

ABB acquired Viola Systems in January 2015. Viola Systems has supplied utility and industry customers with telecommunication solutions for 15 years and has an installed base of over 100 000 units in over 50 countries.


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