Synchro-check over IEC 61850 9-2 LE process bus now in UniGear Digital

UniGear Digital is extending its application coverage by now offering synchro-check over
IEC 61850 9-2 LE process bus with the new versions of the Relion® 615 and 620 series protection relays. IEC 61850 with process bus allows for simplified switchgear design, minimized wiring and supervised communication, translating into cost and time savings. The main purpose of synchro-check is to ensure safe interconnection of two networks.

Reaping the benefits of the digital switchgear with IEC 61850 process bus
Digitalization of the switchgear gaining ground, especially owing to IEC 61850 and 9-2 process bus, and the latest versions of both the 615 and 620 series relays introducing synchronism and energizing check also in sensor-based applications allow extending the application area for UniGear Digital. As a result, it is now possible to use the digital switchgear in applications requiring synchro-check and still reap the benefits of the optimized design of UniGear Digital at the same time, as no costly extra equipment is required anymore. In brief, UniGear Digital represents an innovative switchgear solution built on the well-established UniGear switchgear. Combined with ABB's advanced sensor technology and renowned Relion protection relays as the backbone of the IEC 61850 communication concept, UniGear Digital contributes to creating a stable, flexible, eco-efficient and smart electrical network for reliable and efficient power distribution.

IEC 61850 9-2 process bus reduces the wiring inside the switchgear to a minimum, as space-consuming voltage transformers are no longer required for voltage sharing inside the switchgear. Voltage sharing also makes installing a voltage sensor in every panel unnecessary, with a less complex switchgear design as a result. The signal from the voltage sensor being digitalized and supervised increases the automatic failure recognition of the network and ensures seamless signal availability to promote optimal network stability and reliability. Process bus uses IEEE 1588 V2 for high-accuracy time synchronization and maximum benefit of substation-level Ethernet communication.

Synchronism and energizing check for safe interconnection of networks
The main purpose of the synchro-check function is to control the closing of a circuit breaker in the power network, to avoid closing where the conditions for synchronism are not met. Synchro-check prevents reconnection of two parts of the network until the voltages on both sides of the circuit breaker have been perfectly synchronized. The same is true when part of the network has been islanded from the grid. The energizing check ensures that at least one side of the bus is dead to allow safe reclosing.
Not only is secure signal availability essential to the synchro-check function, but crucial to digitalization in general. The 615 and 620 series relays offer redundant communication via both PRP (parallel redundancy protocol) and HSR (high-availability seamless redundancy) to guarantee the signal availability and thus ensure flawless operation of both the synchro-check function itself and the entire electrical network.

Relion 615 and 620 series protection relays taking UniGear Digital to the next level
The 615 and 620 series relays introducing synchronism and energizing check also in sensor-based applications paves the way for taking UniGear Digital to the next level. Applications requiring synchro-check can now be easily and cost-effectively supported, while ensuring secure signal availability at the same time. The end result is flawless operation of the digital switchgear together with reliable and efficient power distribution.

UniGear Digital has its origin in the traditional UniGear switchgear. Combining the traditional UniGear switchgear with ABB's Relion 615 and 620 series protection relays of repute, ABB's advanced sensor technology, as well as IEC 61850 communication creates an innovative digital switchgear solution.

The 615 and 620 series protection and control relays are members of ABB's Relion product family, which offers a wide range of products for protection, control, measurement and supervision in power distribution systems. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, all Relion products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard.


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