ABB is the most popular employer among Swedish researchers

ABB, Astra Zeneca and ÅF voted as the most popular workplaces among researchers in academia.

Sweden’s researchers voted ABB as one of the best places they prefer to work at. In a survey by the magazine Future Research, 600 researchers in the country ranked their favorite companies. ABB, Astra Zeneca and ÅF shared the first place with 29 percent of the votes each.

"We are very excited about this result. We see this as evidence of ABB Group's long-term investment in research and development and our strong commitment to the universities together with all talented people from ABB, the universities and partner companies. In Sweden, ABB works closely with five strategically selected universities: KTH, Uppsala, Chalmers, Linköping and Mälardalen University. Academia is an important partner in ABB's research work,” said Johan Söderström, managing director of ABB Sweden.

Johan Söderström, managing director of ABB Sweden. Photo: Pia Nordlander.
Johan Söderström, managing director of ABB Sweden. Photo: Pia Nordlander.

"ABB is a pioneering technology leader. I think it's an important indication that we are an attractive workplace for the country’s researchers," said Mikael Dahlgren, Research Director at ABB Sweden. "We try to be at the forefront and constantly set records with new products based on technological advances. Working with us, researchers can translate their work into products thus taking the next step in their research. We also have a large number of adjunct professors at the universities which, of course, contributes to the positive image of ABB as a research company.”

Mikael Dahlgren, Head of research at ABB Sweden. Photo: Kim Norman.
Mikael Dahlgren, Head of research at ABB Sweden. Photo: Kim Norman.

Technology and innovation play a crucial role in ABB. The company has seven corporate research centers worldwide, over 100 university collaborations and 8,500 researchers who are working to develop unique technologies that enhance the customer’s competitiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

About the survey

The trend survey of a random sample of researchers in Sweden was conducted on 7-9 May 2018 by the newspaper, Future Research. In the survey, 600 researchers answered the question "What companies can you think of working at?" (29 % responded ABB). The magazine and the web magazine Future Research is produced by NextMedia, which has been specializing in industry and career magazines for many years, in collaboration with the Foundation for Strategic Research.

In Sweden, ABB has about 7,800 employees and is located in about 30 locations. ABB is the leading supplier of products and systems for power transmission and process and industrial automation. Large business units are Västerås with approximately 3700 employees and Ludvika with approximately 2800 employees.

Note: This is a translation of ABB’s Swedish press release from June 28, 2018, available here. In case of discrepancies, the original Swedish version applies.

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