ABB’s remote I/O unit RIO600 to detect earth faults with unequaled accuracy in any type of network

ABB’s remote I/O unit RIO600 introduces unique fault passage indication and is now able to detect earth faults with unprecedented accuracy also in compensated networks.

By applying ABB's unique, multifrequency admittance-based earth-fault detection algorithm to fault passage indication (FPI), RIO600 is now able to detect all types of earth faults with unequaled accuracy, irrespective of the type of distribution network. Especially in compensated and isolated neutral networks, where accurate and selective earth-fault detection is challenging, this is a long-awaited breakthrough. The unique, easy-to-use earth-fault detection algorithm is already used by ABB's Relion® relays. Applied to RIO600, the novel fault passage indication contributes to facilitating the automation of secondary substations in distribution networks.

RIO600 expands the number of digital and analog inputs and outputs of Relion relays as well as the substation management unit COM600, in both primary and secondary substations. The Modbus TCP server connects RIO600 to various RTUs, SCADAs and gateways in a variety of applications, whereas IEC 61850 offers seamless connectivity through fast, real-time GOOSE communication, allowing numerous signals to be transferred over Ethernet and with simplified, decreased wiring as a result. The optical interface allows long-distance communication and high immunity to disturbances in the environment.

When used for advanced fault passage indication in grid automation applications, RIO600 reports the information further to the upper-level system for faster fault restoration. Combining RIO600 with the Arctic wireless controller ARC600 offers a cost-effective solution for utilities to manage remote assets in distribution networks. RIO600 uses ABB's advanced sensor technology for all measurements.

RIO600 provides the same reliability, performance excellence and real-time functionality as is true for the other Relion protection and control products. For further information, please refer to the RIO600 page.


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