OVR-15 Three-phase recloser

We are pleased to announce the release of the new OVR-15 outdoor three-phase recloser rated up to a voltage of 15.5kV. This new recloser model expands the current portfolio by providing a robust design while adding valuable features to increase ABB’s vast portfolio.

The introduction of the new OVR-15 complements ABB's offering for the recloser portfolio comprising OVR-1, OVR-3 and GridShield. The recloser, capable to be installed in pole mount arrangements as well as in substations, has been designed fulfilling technical requirements for markets where demand of this product is increasing, following the needs for distribution grid automation and modernization for aging infrastructure.

The unit comprises basic but valuable features such as mechanically-ganged three-phase operation, up to 6 voltage sensors incorporated to measure load and source sides, RER615 as standard offering to provide full automation and programming flexibility, and specific innovative design concepts that targets the need for a safe and reliable product installation and operation.

Product highlights:

  • Mechanically ganged three phase operation
  • Designed, tested and built as per IEC 62271-111 , ANSI/IEEE 37.60 standards
  • Total cost of ownership at its best: ABB design and components providing full reliability
  • Safety at its maximum: Operator safety measures includes mechanical block on open and lockout manual handle
  • Eco-efficient with time-proven HCEP insulation material and stainless steel enclosure.
  • Smart Grid ready: RER615 advanced controller available and dual voltage sensing per phase (load and source)
  • Product competitiveness at market price levels to ensure penetration and brand- recognition at the utilities

This product is global and its target customers are electrical distribution utilities, where customer technical requirements cannot be fulfilled with our existing portfolio for 15.5kV.

The team from ABB in Nashik, India, will start engaging the key markets of this product (such as India and South America) with dedicated communications and sharing the market introduction plan to ensure smooth and relentless execution of the product launch success.

FES and customer training sessions will be hosted by the team including WebEx sessions in the coming months.

For additional information on OVR-15, please visit the product page.

Any feedback is most welcome to help us maintain a high product quality.

For any questions, please contact Roger Espert (Global Marketing Manager for Outdoor Apparatus) or Gary Foubert (Global Product Manager for Outdoor Apparatus).

Best regards,

Matteo Caiti, Global Product Group Manager MV Apparatus
Gary Foubert, Global Product Manager - MV Outdoor Apparatus


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