ABB's outdoor three-phase recloser OVR-27 to provide full automation and programming flexibility

ABB's new outdoor three-phase recloser OVR-27 rated up to voltage of 27 kV is an extension of the existing OVR-15 recloser with a robust design. The new recloser adds valuable features to stregnthen ABB’s vast portfolio.

The recloser, capable to be installed in pole mount arrangements as well as in substations, has been designed fulfilling technical requirements for markets where demand of this product is increasing, following the needs for distribution grid automation and modernization for aging infrastructure.

The unit comprises basic but valuable features such as mechanically-ganged three-phase operation, secured and safe manual emergency trip handle, RER615 as standard offering to provide full automation and programming flexibility, and specific innovative design concepts that targets the need for a safe and reliable product installation and operation.

Product benefits:

Reliable in extreme conditions

  • Solid dielectric design with HCEP insulation material reducing flashovers on humid conditions and increasing lifespan versus standard silicon bushings.
  • State-of-the-art magnetic actuation and vacuum interrupters tested over 10.000 full reclosing sequences without maintenance.

Operator safety at its best

  • Secured and safe manual emergency trip handle provides operator a clear visible operation when working on-site.
  • No maintainable electronics in HV cabinet reduces the need to be close to the MV electrified conductors.

Saves space

  • Flexible mounting option for single/double pole or substation frame available saving efforts on civil works or pole adjustments.

Continuous operation

  • All in one: Extensive protection functions to fit all network type, especially powerful for compensated networks.
  • Enabled to support high-speed protection, interlocking, transfer switching, fault isolation and service restoration.

Fast, easy to install and operate

  • Site ready units - reduced installation time, effort and cost.
  • Draw out design for protection relay for quick and easy maintenance in the field.
  • Easy to use: Changes in relay configuration can be done from front panel HMI, web-based user interface or connectivity tool, PCM600.


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