Indonesia’s cement manufacturer chooses ABB to drive efficiency gains

Semen Baturaja is an Indonesia-based cement manufacturer producing Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Composite Cement. The company’s production center is located in Baturaja, South Sumatra, while the milling and cement bagging operations are carried out at three locations namely Baturaja, Palembang and Panjang (Lampung).

In its energy-intensive and large-scale processing plant, Semen Baturaja encountered reliability issues caused by inefficient motor-starter technology in hundreds of its motor-driven applications. Additionally, frequent replacement of carbon brush for the motors resulted in higher operational cost while voltage fluctuations in the unstable supply network at the plant caused unplanned shutdowns due to the power failure of the motors.

To resolve these issues, Semen Baturaja chose ABB. They wanted a partner with the right technical expertise and the right capabilities to deliver solutions for both the drives as well as the transformer. “The Drives Service in Indonesia was quickly mobilized to the customer’s site to conduct an energy assessment. We tried to identify potential applications to save production cost and to ensure more efficient energy use in the shortest possible time”, said Wiwiet Yuniarto, Drives Service Manager, Motion, ABB in Indonesia.

“The availability of certified local engineers for MV Drives and the local motor workshop to fully support the project were added advantage,” he continued.

ABB supplied medium-voltage ACS5000A and medium-voltage isolation transformer to reduce the unplanned shutdowns and to turn potential savings into actual savings. ABB also offered the Ability™ Condition Monitoring for Drives (Remote Condition Monitoring) which delivered accurate, real-time information to ensure that the equipment is available, reliable, and maintainable. Data can be stored in the cloud or in a local storage solution, allowing the customer easy access to make the right decisions.

The ABB Drives Service team also supervised the reconditioning and modified the existing slip rings on the wounded rotor of the motors and this is all done from the supervision until the commissioning phase. The project is expected to be fully completed in June 2020.  

Based on the ABB’s data collection, including electricity cost, operational hour and maintenance cost, load profile provided by the customers, the project will increase 20% of energy savings.

“In addition to our complete solution for Semen Baturaja, we listened and provided rapid response to our customer. We also ensured that our experts are on-hand to provide technical advice when needed. This won the customer over and we are excited to see their productivity and energy efficiency gains,” Wiwiet Yuniarto concluded.


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