Say hello to ABB’s new Push-in Spring motor starting solution

Say hello to ABB’s new Push-in Spring motor starting solution

ABB’s Push-in Spring technology revolutionizes motor starting solution installation

For both panel builders and OEMs, efficiency is a must, allowing them to maintain high-quality standards while maximizing profits. That is why ABB’s new motor starting solution stands out as a new industry standard, helping them reach new levels of efficiency. It’s the Push-in Spring technology that is at the heart of this development, creating entirely new possibilities for the panel building process.

So for panel builders and OEMs looking for a business advantage, the new Push-in Spring motor starting solution offers some extremely attractive benefits.

Faster than ever installation

For the first time ever, the 2-in-1 connection can be used with ferruled and rigid cables (Push-in mode) or cables without ferrules (Spring mode) in the same terminal. In Push-in mode, there’s no need to use a tool, speeding things up and boosting productivity like never before.

The smart accessories are also 100 percent tool-free, significantly reducing installation time with mounting connecting kits.


Easier than ever wiring 

The simplicity of the Push-in Spring solution provides unmatched ease of use. This has two advantages: wiring and de-wiring become far more intuitive, eliminating the need for special training, and it also reduces the chance of wiring errors. All cable and connecting links use the same round shape entry, while the square terminals above are clearly marked with screwdriver symbols.

With 90º cable insertion for all terminals, the Push-in Spring motor starting solution makes front access simple. This aids smooth, robust insertion of cables and makes automated robot wiring possible.

For de-wiring, only one screwdriver is required for the entire range. No twisting or turning is required either, so there’s less chance of damage to the terminals.

Reliable as ever connections

All these advantages come without any compromise in the reliability of the connections. This gives users complete peace of mind when using the Push-in Spring motor starting solution.

The design provides strict control of contact strength, independent from operator. Push-in Spring technology has been shock and vibration tested according to IEC 60068-2-2-27 and IEC 60068-2-6 standards, so installers can count on the connections even in harsh environments.

And with self-tightening terminals, there’s no need to re-tighten after transportation or during the life cycle of the product. High connection strength is guaranteed throughout the whole lifetime of the device.

Push-in Spring is the most innovative motor starting solution available. With such impressive technology producing new levels of speed, ease and reliability. 


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