And BHEL’s Best Vendor of Transformers Capacitors Bushings (TCB) Group award goes to ABB!

The transformer insulation team from Mysore, India has won the award based on their performance over the past three years

ABB received the award from Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), India’s largest power equipment manufacturer, during its annual award ceremonies at Jhansi and at Bhopal, India, where its manufacturing units are located.

The award recognized ABB’s Mysore team for meeting the requested short delivery times for BHEL’s critical projects and for supplying the transformer insulation material with no quality issues for the past three years.

Electrical insulation materials are vital parts of transformers that must withstand the high operating temperatures that occur during the transformers’ operating life. The lifetime of a transformer depends on the reliability of the insulation used.

Quality and continuous improvement are at the heart of ABB's Mysore team. Everyday processes are instrumental to meet the quality standards specifications - from choosing the high-quality pulp material to process automation, from stringent application of standard operation procedures (SOP) to regular Gemba meetings in the production. The regular quality checks performed by inspection agencies appointed by BHEL in the Mysore factory confirmed ABB’s operational excellence and product quality.

“Being an integral part of the transformer industry for over 30 years ABB’s Raman Boards insulation manufacturing unit in Mysore has developed capability to offer wide variety of insulation products as per customer requirements,” says Sajal Sharma, the Local Product Line Manager. “Our production unit produces wide range of insulation products manufactured includes precompressed and laminated pressboards, moulded components, machined components, kraft paper, pressphan paper, crepe paper, crepe tubes, diamond dotted paper and calendered crepe paper”.

In 2019 ABB supplied over 180 metric tons (MT) of pressboards, 35 MT of insulation kraft papers and moulded parts to BHEL unit at Bhopal and 240 MT of pressboards, 20 MT of crepe papers and moulded parts to the unit at Jhansi. ABB’s Raman Boards insulation production unit in Mysore is the biggest supplier of insulation material to BHEL in the challenging local market in India where ABB has 40 percent of the insulation business.

“Winning the award in both BHEL transformer factories in the same year is a rare achievement," says Balaji BS, the regional Sales Manager for Insulation and Components in India, “the award builds on our commitment to continue to focus on product quality and reliability.”

Congratulations to the entire Mysore team led by Sajal and Balaji!



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