Groundbreaking ABB technology improves operation of Draugen offshore platform

ABB and platform operator OKEA are collaborating on the world's first streaming of high-quality real-time data from such a facility, which is an important contribution for optimization.

Draugen was commissioned in 1993 and produces around 20,000 barrels of oil a day. Now it produces high-quality data as well which is streamed to shore, creating a digital twin of very good quality in real-time.

“The solution streamlines the way we work with data to optimize the operation of the offshore platform with operational support from land. With live, high-quality data, anytime, anywhere, we can make better and faster decisions,” says Dag Eggan, Senior Vice President of Business Performance, at OKEA. “At the same time, the data stream from the platform can be made available in a secure way for suppliers and experts such as ABB.”


The new streaming solution is called "Software-as-a-service" (SAAS), a widespread business model for office automation.

"The business model ensures that OKEA subscribes to a data stream enabling creation of operational values and reduces financial risk in software investments," says Per Erik Holsten, Country Managing Director of ABB in Norway. “The way forward may be the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for further improvements.”

Unlike conventional digital twins of such systems, the data stream is transmitted right from the heart of the platform’s control system, without any sort of filtering or intermediate storage in databases. This ensures that the context is retained, allowing the users to recognize the data.

Draugen platform.
Draugen platform.

Security first

“Obtaining high-resolution raw data directly from the control system requires expert knowledge on such systems,” Holsten continues. “We are doing this without affecting the performance or reliability of the platform's control system.”

From Draugen, around 5000 tags, as well as alarms and events, are streamed. Using Edge technology, the data stream in ABB AbilityTM EdgeInsight is compressed on the platform to reduce the amount of data being transmitted via radio. The platform is located 130 km off the coast of Trøndelag County, mid-Norway. Platform data updates are available in the cloud in milliseconds.


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