The spirit of innovation to transform the world - TrafoStar™

The spirit of innovation to transform the world - TrafoStar™

ABB’s TrafoStarTM platform, used widely for over 20 years, combines the best principles of transformer design and manufacturing and remains the standard in ABB facilities around the world

ABB’s 20,000th TrafoStarTM transformer was delivered to Scottish Power, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, in January 2018 and will be installed at an off-shore wind project in East Anglia.

“These transformers have set global benchmarks in design and features. Some of the world’s most powerful transformers in capacity and ultra-high voltage AC and DC applications have been developed on this platform,” said Markus Heimbach, Managing Director of ABB’s Transformer Business Unit. ”The 20,000 transformers ABB has produced have a combined capacity of 2600 (GVA) or the electricity equivalent of 2,600 power plants of 1,000 megawatts each.”

Common platform

ABB developed the TrafoStarTM platform by unifying the best practices and innovations of companies it merged with over the years, such as Asea, BBC, GE, Westinghouse, Ansaldo, National Industri and Stroemberg. Specifically, the platform features integrated engineering tools, manufacturing accuracy, common material specifications, testing and quality management systems. As a result, TrafostarTM transformers offer reliability, flexibility and tailor-made designs. In addition, the transformers operate with low electrical losses and noise levels, minimize total cost of ownership, and offer options to lower the environmental impact, such as the use of ester fluids.

“We are happy to receive the 20,000th TrafoStarTM transformer, which represents leading technology, people collaboration and service. This unit, during its life next to the North Sea, will help to deliver thousands of megawatts of clean power to the United Kingdom,” said José Ignacio Sánchez Galán, Global Head of Purchasing for Electrical Equipment of Iberdrola.

Passion to advance

The platform incorporates the lessons learned and the experience gained in a constantly evolving environment. Every new generation of transformer embodies the latest research and development from ABB’s labs and experience. This has led to the development of an ABB short-circuit system that can withstand twice the capacity of the industry’s average. The flexible tank solution from ABB provides an efficient way to absorb high energy generated from any internal stresses and has been validated by a full-scale “transformer explosion test,” the only such test successfully completed in the world.

For a more sustainable world

ABB continues to conduct extensive research and use advanced transformer design tools such as computer simulations for critical analysis. The unique geomagnetically induced current (GIC) tool developed by ABB minimizes risks during solar storms. The final objective is to fulfill the world’s evolving needs by integrating renewables and upgrading energy and resource efficiency in an increasingly connected world.



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