ABB Bailey Japan and GSE announce strategic collaboration to drive efficiency within the Japanese power market

ABB Bailey Japan, a leader in the plant automation system and GSE Solutions. (“GSE”) (Nasdaq: GVP) have agreed to have a strategic collaboration to enable Japanese thermal operators to in-crease plant efficiency, reduce risk and increase operational safety through a real-time dynamic simulated environment.

The two companies will collaborate to develop high fidelity Operator Training Simulators which, acting as a digital twin, will replicate the applications, processes and operations of a plant into a virtual environment.

Leveraging this technology, operators can familiarize themselves with their working environment, practice non-standard scenarios and faults and learn how to react to challenging or emergency situations, such as plant outages, in advance of them occurring.


Tatsuya Noguchi, President and Chief Executive Officer of ABB Bailey Japan said, “Data driven plant operations are becoming more and more critical for industry to ensure efficiency, reliability and production optimization as well as to help plan for unforeseen circumstances.”

ABB Bailey Japan and GSE will jointly develop projects across Japan, combining GSE’s highly spe-cialized expertise and technology in control room and plant simulation, software development, and thermal operations procedures and ABB’s expertise in industrial control systems, computer-based procedures, and operator decision support.

“We are excited to join forces with ABB Bailey to offer safety-enhancing, efficiency-gaining simu-lators for thermal plant operations,” said Kyle Loudermilk, president and CEO of GSE Solutions. “This collaboration leverages the best of both companies to help reduce risk and optimize plant operations for Japanese operators.”

Tatsuya continued, “Working with GSE to deliver new tools, which support customers on their digital journey, such as these high-fidelity simulators can only serve to improve safety, ensure sustainability and deliver smarter operations moving forwards.”

ABB Bailey Japan is a leader in plant automation technology. Since its establishment in 1971, ABB Bailey Japan has been supplying the latest control systems, including thermal power plants and LNG receiving terminals as a member of the ABB Group, based on the control technologies of Bailey Meter Company in US. The experiences that contributing to the growth and development of the Japanese energy industry since the dawn of related markets allow us to obtain the 50% of the domestic market share of thermal power plant boiler control system. With a deep knowledge and a technology that has led the industry as a pioneer, ABB Bailey Japan offers a wide range of products, including high-temperature, high-pressure regulating valves and other hardware, as well as product-generation compatibility in control systems, safety system, IEC 61850 response equipment, and turbine control systems, which enables us to offer with high value and benefit to customers.

ABOUT GSE SOLUTIONS: We are the future of operational excellence in the power industry. As a collective group, GSE Solutions leverages top skills, expertise and technology to provide highly specialized solutions that allow customers to achieve the performance they imagine. Our experts deliver and support end-to-end training, engineering, compliance, simulation, and workforce solutions that help the power industry reduce risk and optimize plant operations. GSE is proven, with over four decades of experience, more than 1,100 installations, and hundreds of customers in over 50 countries spanning the globe.


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