Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, with this year’s theme targeting climate action. It all started in the US on April 22, 1970, as 20 million Americans — 10 percent of the US population at the time — marched for environmental action. The first Earth Day is credited with launching the modern environmental movement.

Earth Day continues to be a call to action around the globe and holds major international significance: In 2016, the United Nations chose Earth Day as the day when the historic Paris Agreement on climate change was signed into force. And as a supporter of the Paris Agreement and the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative, ABB aims to limit global warming and allay the potentially devastating consequences of climate change. For example, last year, ABB reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 41 percent compared to 2013, already exceeding the 40 percent target that was set for 2020.

ABB's advanced technologies represent ABB's main contribution to the global effort to mitigate climate change.

As a company with around 9,000 technologists and plans to invest some $23 billion in innovation between the date of the Paris Agreement and 2030, our advanced technologies represent ABB’s main contribution to the global effort to mitigate climate change. Nearly 60 percent of ABB’s global revenues are derived from technologies that directly address the causes of climate change by facilitating increased energy efficiency, the integration of renewables into the energy mix and the conservation of natural resources. The company is on track to reach 60 percent of revenues by the end of 2020. Sustainable solutions in the portfolio include digital offerings for smart buildings, sustainable infrastructure, clean energy, mobility systems and energy efficiency.

For example, with the long-term ambition of making the company fully carbon-neutral, ABB last year inaugurated its first carbon-neutral factory in Lüdenscheid, Germany, as an example of what can be done to make industry truly sustainable. Retrofitted with a solar power station and digital technologies, the factory is on its way to become energy self-sufficient. This initiative shows all the advantages of intelligent, digitally controlled industrial ecosystems, and serves as a blueprint for future action across the company.

To learn more about what ABB is doing to make every day an Earth day, read the 2019 Sustainability Report here.


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