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Smarter Homes entail a larger number of devices; all the while demand for well-designed and perfectly neat interiors continue to increase. As smart home automation, once seen as the pinnacle of the luxury housebuilding market, becomes mainstream, creating stylish solutions that complement modern home design are key.

Functionality and Style

Current home owners demand more from their spaces. They expect them to be smart, stylish and controllable via their smartphones and tablets. Pursuing a perfectly neat and tidy home, the burgeoning amount of connectivity and smart technology needs a dedicated place. Gone are the days when people will put up with intrusive cabling and clunky control panels. Demand is now on for highly functional homes that not only deliver smart solutions, but also deliver on style.

Smart ideas

That’s where clever media enclosures come into their own, giving occupiers a clearly defined space and removing the need to have cables, routers, voice splitters and antenna lying around the house. It’s also possible to control energy distribution and media all from one central hub – with a ‘combi-enclosure.’

But unlike their predecessors, rather than being purely functional, the latest enclosures make smart technology a design feature in its own right.

With over 20 years’ experience in developing stylish, smart solutions, ABB’s design team has created its latest UK600 range of flush-mounted enclosures available in three versions – Standard, for energy distribution only, Media for devices like routers, and the Combi for media and energy distribution.

UK600 range of flush-mounted enclosures
UK600 range of flush-mounted enclosures

Making it personal

These sleek and stylish enclosures allow homeowners to store their media equipment neatly inside, making homes tidier and more spacious.

With a choice of three doors - Standard white or anthracite grey, media doors with ventilation slots or design doors – the enclosure can be completely customized to suit internal design themes. You can even insert your own pictures, add a warm LED backlight film or use them as mirrors or pin boards, making them truly multi-functional and complimentary of your home decor.

It is this clever combination of design and application that gives a personal touch to smart solutions that work for your home, making buildings safer, intelligent and equipped for the future.

Design doors
Design doors


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