ABB Engineering Team ensures timely delivery of sanitizers during Covid-19 through remote commissioning

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, rising hygiene awareness in communities has led to an exponential increase in the demand for sanitizers, in both online and physical stores around the world. Local players have started to plug the demand and supply gap, especially in the hand sanitizer segment. Many manufacturers are now repurposing their manufacturing lines to make medical supplies to fight the Coronavirus.

We, at ABB India’s Energy Industries, are proud of our Engineering Team who have played a vital role in facilitating the delivery of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), an important raw material for the production of sanitizers. IPA is essential for the manufacture of the sanitizers that we use today. When the right concentration of IPA is present in the sanitizer, it breaks down the protein envelope holding the virus' structure together, thus rendering it incapable of attaching itself to the human cells.

One of our customers in the Chemical industry, who has been using our Terminal Automation System, was tasked with setting up a new bay for loading of IPA to cater to this increased demand. The system components delivered for IPA were to be commissioned on an urgent basis and the loading bay was to be made functional for the dispatch of IPA to the sanitizer manufacturers.

However, with the travel restrictions that were imposed due to the current lockdown, the ABB engineers could not visit the customer’s site. Not to be deterred, one of our engineers connected to the customer systems remotely and completed the product configuration, established communication with the Batch Controller Unit, and managed all further activities required for the IPA Loading on Truck Tanker.

This ingenious thinking coupled with the timely support and pertinent application of technology helped the customer reduce time to market for the critical element of the sanitizer and ensure that the IPA was available for manufacturing the sanitizers. We are truly honored to have employees who have gone above and beyond for taking swift action to help deliver one of the most important commodities required during this pandemic.


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