Moving towards the most critical application in our life nowadays, ABB solutions bring value to healthcare segment

ABB’s Electrification Business (EL) team in the UAE hosted a webinar over WEBEX (Digital Platform) across the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain Consultants and end-users on the topic ‘Solutions for Electrical Distribution in Group 2 Medical Locations’.  

Group 2 medical locations is Medical location where applied parts are in­tended to be used in applications such as intrac­ardiac procedures, operating theatres and vital treatment, where discontinuity (failure) of the supply can cause danger to life.

The session saw good participation and interaction from the clients/consultants leading the healthcare segment.

The 1.5 hours interactive session was tailored to fit the application purpose and covered the basics of electrical installation for group 2 medical locations. In addition, it helped differentiating between an ordinary room and medical location and offering ABB Solution(H+ Line portfolio) that is specifically designed for group 2 medical locations, followed by questions & Answers (Q&A).

The webinar was organized by the EL technical promotion team in the UAE and conducted by smart building business line marketing team:

  • Global Healthcare Segment Manager, Valeria Basile
  • Global Training Technical Manager, Juergen Dufner
  • Global Product Marketing Manager Solutions on Critical Power and Special Applications, Rami Karroum
  • Product Marketing Manager, Sriram B

The web session was facilitated by ABB’s EL Academy in the UAE.


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