Family-run Bemic relies on ABB robots to boost productivity, job-satisfaction

The easy-to-use ABB robots are the perfect fit for the needs of the aluminum foundry


The challenge:
The family-run business wanted to boost productivity to meet the growing demand for its products with an automation solution that its employees could easily operate. 

The solution:
Bemic installed two ABB industrial robots that are known for their high reliability and availability. Working round the clock, the robots have increased output as well as freed up time for human workers to take on more supervisory roles. A short course in robot programming was all Bemic employees needed to start operating the robots.

The application:

Automating machine servicing and mold lubrication for the aluminum foundry 

One of the best things we have done for the business. This is how Daniel Carlsson, a fourth-generation entrepreneur describes the decision to invest in ABB robots for his company Bemic Diecasting AB. 

In 2018, Bemic, a Swedish maker of connection boxes, arch files and circuit board holders bought one IRB 2400 and one IRB 4600 industrial robots from ABB to service machines and  lubricate molds – tasks that were previously performed by humans.  

Better results, faster  

One of the biggest motivations for Carlsson to automate the factory floor with ABB robots was to boost productivity at a time when business was picking up. With a hundred percent availability and reliability, the robots can do work that equals the output of 1.5 employees, allowing them to focus on more value-creating tasks, while the robots continue to work non-stop.  

The robots have also helped create a better, safer work environment at Bemic. As much of the monotonous production is now done by robots, Bemic’s employees now perform tasks such as supervising the entire robot production line and keeping track of quality, instead of spending hours on the production line.  

Bemic is a perfect example of how easy-to-use ABB robots are helping small and medium companies and family businesses to grow. After the purchase of the first robot, Carlsson and a colleague took up a robot training class at ABB’s center in Västerås. Once back at the Bemic factory in Lagan, Sweden, they were able to get the robot cell running within no time.  

“When everything had been installed, we just had to press the START button, and everything worked very well without any disruption. With the training we had received in Västerås, there were no problems at all to continue programming the next production unit,” said Carlsson.  

Smooth collaboration 

Riding on the success of the first robot installation, Bemic decided to upgrade the robot cell, which is now performing new tasks that were not planned at the beginning. ABB leant its full support by commissioning an ABB technician who helped Bemic develop the cell, which took just two days to upgrade with minimal disruption.   

Other benefits that Carlsson said helps his business grow uninterrupted is the availability of spare ABB parts and support staff. “Help is always just a phone call away and if the issue is more advanced then all we do is to book an appointment and the service technician visits the factory even on short notice,” added Carlsson. 

“We have experienced strong growth over the last year, and thanks to the robots, we have increased our productivity and availability,” said Carlsson.  


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