Supporting reliable operations of leading hospitals in Vietnam

ABB’s innovative technologies are enabling power reliability and safety for hospital staff and patients in Vietnam.

The health sector in Vietnam has seen rapid development over the years, fueled by the country’s economic growth. The introduction of the Vietnam Health Program aims to enhance scientific and technical application to help patients gain access to advanced healthcare services. With a growing middle-class population and surging demand for healthcare, the sector will continue to invest in several elements of health services, such as power supply.

Vietnam is among the top three countries with the fastest economic growth in Asia, according to the Asian Development Bank. Vietnam‘s population, which entered an ‘aging phase’ in 2017, is among the most rapidly aging countries in the world, according to the United Population Fund. These factors are boosting demand for improved healthcare.

Simultaneously, the rapid urbanization in Vietnam has resulted in growth of a new urban middle-class, spurring demand for healthcare. To cater to this growing demand, the country needs additional healthcare resources and service innovation more than ever to deliver the required long-term care to its citizens.

An effective and reliable infrastructure is essential in the healthcare sector. ABB has been working to deliver crucial technologies for hospitals in Vietnam. ABB offers a wide range of electrical distribution equipment that protects hospital buildings from overloads, short circuits, ground or arc faults. The offerings also include digital and connected innovations for low- and medium-voltage, including distribution automation, power protection, switchgear, enclosures, and control.

In several ways, ABB’s unique set of solutions are helping a wide range of hospitals in Vietnam, ranging from leading national hospitals with more than 1,000 beds, such as Bach Mai 2, Viet Duc 2, and new building projects at the National Pediatrics and Military 103 to private hospital projects, such as Becamex International Hospital and Tam Anh Hospital.

ABB provided Medical Switchboard H+ Line for the Operation Theater and ICU of Becamex International Hospital
ABB provided Medical Switchboard H+ Line for the Operation Theater and ICU of Becamex International Hospital

Enabling reliable power supply

The impacts of power outages can be especially severe in hospitals. Outages or disruption in power supply at hospitals can be life threatening as it helps run critical equipment that saves people’s lives. Hence, reliable supply of power is crucial for these facilities. ABB provides several solutions for hospitals to ensure reliability.

For instance, ABB’s System Pro E Power, a type tested switchgear which is widely used at hospitals, ensures system protection when the faults incur and concurrently increases power reliability. ABB’s Emax 2 air circuit breakers (ACB) equipped with Ekip Touch protection trip units enable operators to check and control systems easily and help them read and monitor information on the ACB remotely. This elevates the safety of the operator.

In addition, ABB’s TVOC-2 Arc Guard System™ limits damages towards busbar or power cable in the switchgears and offers safer working environment for the operators. Furthermore, ABB’s medical switchboard H+ Line that are in-stalled in hospitals’ operation theatres and intensive care units consist of a range of ABB products. It is a state of art solution specifically designed for ‘group 2’ medical locations and it ensures operation continuity and reliability – key requirements for safety of patients and medical staff.

Boosting comfort of patients and staff

ABB’s smart building solutions enhance patients‘ experiences at hospitals and optimize working environment for hospital staff. ABB has supplied building automation system such as ABB i-bus® KNX lighting control solutions that utilizes innovative technology to evaluate information from lighting systems of hospital buildings to ensure optimum lighting.

“Vietnam healthcare sector will see significant growth of modern facilities in the coming time and growing customer’s demand for health care services” said Noel Hupont, Head of Electrification Business of ABB Vietnam. “ABB is committed to support sustainable health care service operations, enable improved power reliability and energy efficiency, and enhance patients’ experiences through its industry-leading solutions.”


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