ABB and RTE demonstrate innovative solution for grid interconnection challenges

ABB and RTE demonstrate innovative solution for grid interconnection challenges

ABB and Réseau de transport d'électricité (RTE) engineers will conduct daily ‘live’ demos of their collaborative solution to address grid interoperability challenges at CIGRE 2018

Power grids in Europe are becoming increasingly interconnected across regions and national borders. This has opened up opportunities for better balancing of demand and supply, the integration of renewables and improving grid reliability. However, it has also presented some technical challenges, one of which is multi-vendor interoperability, or the challenge of interconnecting technology solutions supplied by different manufacturers.

To address the issue, ABB was invited to participate in the Europe-wide Best Paths project, sponsored by the European Union and targeted to facilitate the integration of renewable energy and increase the capacity and flexibility of the transmission network. ABB and RTE will conduct daily demonstrations at CIGRE 2018 in Paris to showcase the innovative solution, which deploys ABB AbilityTM MACH control and protection hardware and software.

During the demos, ABB control and protection engineers, along with engineers from RTE, will use ABB controls to run a simulated DC-grid with an ABB Hybrid HVDC breaker for selective traveling, wave fault detection and isolation.

Recognizing that equipment from different vendors can cause interoperability issues in Europe’s high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems, the Best Paths collaboration seeks to identify these issues and suggest possible adaptations to equipment to avoid issues in systems based on voltage source conversion (VSC) technology.

ABB has been a driving force in addressing these interoperability issues in HVDC transmission systems, which is vital for future development and interconnection of multi-terminal HVDC systems and the development of a DC-grid.

The demos will range between one and two hours and will be conducted on a varying schedule in the Palais des Congrès, Paris Hall, Level 1, Room 2.



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