ABB’s new Stanilite® Economy range raises the bar on value

ABB’s new Stanilite® Economy range raises the bar on value

The key to unlocking the leap forward for competitive emergency lighting solutions came when the ABB Emergency Lighting team used its customers’ end-to-end journey to drive improvements.

Advancements in areas such as safety compliance, energy efficiency, smart facilities management, and public and private infrastructure, pointed to the need for a sharper proposition for price-driven emergency lighting solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

However, that need for affordable solutions had to uphold the duty of care to end users – those who enjoy the spaces featuring emergency lighting, and those tasked with performing six-monthly mandatory testing. Building on ABB’s Stanilite range and its leading position, the ABB team identified opportunities to further convert 45 years of engineering history and experience into greater value through its Economy range.

Leveraging technology leadership and assurance

First up was streamlined manufacturing. This created the foundation needed to reduce prices. However, the ABB team knew that price was only one component of real value. The new Economy range has challenged what value means for its clients. To do this, the team capitalised on its Australian research and development (R&D) capability.

“The hardware in our Economy range uses the latest in LED and lithium iron phosphate technology,” said Stephen Charlton, ABB’s Global Product Manager (Asia), Emergency Lighting. “The same engineering insights that keep our Stanilite Platinum range at the leading edge also ensure our Economy products draw on core advances in both of these technologies.”

LED capability introduces the benefits of long life, at up to an impressive 100,000 hours, while providing energy and maintenance savings. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are known to be the safest and most reliable battery technology, balancing high performance with environmentally friendly value. Together, they deliver technically superior products alongside affordability.

“We’ve been able to pass on greater benefits from our company-wide R&D investment and that’s best evidenced by the new two-year warranty that backs our entire Economy range,” said Stephen.

Introducing new products to the extensive range

Those technology improvements span the economy-level range that customers have enjoyed for years – products such as EcoSpitfire®, EcoExit® (slide-connect, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted models) and the batten range. A key development is that the new Economy range introduces three new products that support a wider array of customer requirements.

The Spitfire surface-mount box provides a powerful alternative to the classic recessed Spitfire. Its lightweight, slim profile and aesthetically pleasing design now offers improved ingress protection and superior photometric classification.

The new EcoExitBlade features the same LED design life and lithium iron phosphate battery as existing exit configurations, but now provides a recessed solution with the option of a surface-mount accessory. It meets the emergency classifications C0=D16 and C90=D12.5 – classed as a dual-function, internally illuminated exit sign under AS/NZS 2293.3:2018. The diffuser and pictograph design mean it can adapt to single or double-sided installations, supported by a large 16mm2 terminal block for easy wiring.

And finally, the new Economy range includes its first flood light – EcoFlood® – enabling clients to source more of their economy-level emergency hardware solutions through Stanilite. EcoFlood provides excellent coverage for indirect lighting, with 510 lumens via twin 3W lamps. Made with a lightweight, polycarbonate shell, its excellent ingress protection makes it suitable for almost any environment.

Maintaining a focus on ease for all

For electrical wholesalers and distributors, a major advancement was designing more attractive and economical packaging. Here, the focus was placed on ease of use – clearer messaging for faster and more accurate selections to meet customer needs, easier-to-access packaging, and 60 percent less packaging that improves the value of limited shelf real estate.

For wholesalers, distributors and installers, the single-box design embeds both direction options and both single and double-sided options. Providing all configurations in one box simplifies stock holdings and management, and simplifies purchasing decisions – in-built flexibility that creates a win for all.

For installers, the packaging now features a QR code for easier access to the new Contractor Zone. This zone offers a single-point resource for technical data sheets, installation manuals, IES files and warranty information. Modular designs further simplify installation and ongoing maintenance, reducing upfront and lifecycle costs. First-fix installation separates key wiring components from gear trays, diffusers and batteries, fast-tracking installation and saving time for facilities management teams, including through easier parts replacements.

For facilities managers, those savings are extended through more efficient ongoing maintenance, replacements and upgrades.

In all, the Stanilite Economy range is a showcase in the power of designing and manufacturing with end-users in mind.

Delivering economy without compromise

Behind the scenes, the Economy range is upheld by ABB’s stringent manufacturing practices, including extensive testing, in compliance with the latest AS/NZS 2293.3:2018. Australian-based R&D also links clients with ABB’s international technology leadership while ensuring fit-for-purpose solutions for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

For customers, the new Stanilite Economy range presents the market’s most efficient pathway to meeting a duty of care and driving greater value in upfront investments and ongoing operations and maintenance. The improved price and value equation makes the range the most cost effective and reliable of its kind in the market.


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