South Bank carpark reaps the benefits of greater value emergency lighting

South Bank carpark reaps the benefits of greater value emergency lighting

For parking facility users, the ability to quickly and easily see exit signs is expected but often not there in practice.

ABB’s Stanilite emergency lighting ranges deliver a robust emergency and exit lighting environment that ensures safe egress for parking facility users and other occupants.

Legibility is a prized quality, and the viewing distances of both Stanilite's Economy and Platinum ranges – up to 36m – coupled with the performance benefits of LED technology, showcase industry leadership in efficient and effective sightlines.

When the facilities management team at Queensland’s popular South Bank carpark was looking to refit the existing, 24-hour operational carpark to save on power consumption, they set stringent return on investment targets as the final go/no-go hurdle. ABB’s Emergency Lighting team knew the Stanilite Platinum range was more than up to the task.

Over the following five years, with no upgrade, the facility was facing approximately $600,000 in power and maintenance costs. Changing to the Platinum range slashed those costs to approximately $250,000 – for a hardware investment substantially lower than the difference and promising more savings in years to come.

The work, delivered in 2019, has also set the facilities management team up with long-term monitoring value. They can complete activities such as compliance tests and maintenance planning from their offices or even off-site locations, eliminating the need for personnel to physically walk the carpark – extra value in time savings and better safety.

As parking infrastructure exemplifies the balancing act between compliance and safety, upfront investment and whole-of-life cost management, the new, streamlined Stanilite Economy range, and advanced Platinum range, challenge the very idea of value. Efficiency gains stretch investments further, at a time when that is needed most.


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