ABB’s new Stanilite® Platinum range transforms whole-of-life emergency lighting

ABB’s new Stanilite® Platinum range transforms whole-of-life emergency lighting

Priorities such as safety, agility and architectural style in public and private infrastructure have driven demand for more advanced emergency lighting by designers, developers, contractors and facilities managers.

Anchored in ABB’s 45-year history of engineering leadership in emergency lighting fixtures and monitored systems, the Emergency Lighting team challenged itself once again to deliver the new Stanilite® Platinum range. It showcases the qualities that have seen rise to the top as the Australian and New Zealand benchmark, featuring the latest in LED and lithium iron phosphate technology for superior hardware, backed by the Nexus® monitoring software that further amplifies value.

A new era of advanced hardware technology

Continual improvement and innovation are hallmarks of ABB’s emergency lighting solutions. These have seen the team push the boundaries of integrated, whole-of-life solutions. Core features remain, such as LED technology that offers a minimum 100,000 hours of lamp life and low power consumption, reducing operations and maintenance costs in materials, labour and scheduling frequency. Customers enjoy better performance and longevity.

Advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries also offer long life and low maintenance. The new Platinum range takes that further, with advanced pulse-time control of battery charging to maximise battery life. For customers, it drives more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient outcomes.

Router capacity has also increased by a formidable 300 percent, dramatically reducing installation costs. With a 10-year product design life, and 5-year complete fitting warranty, commitments come with practical guarantees.

Market-first backwards compatibility for advanced monitoring – Nexus RF Infinity

The Stanilite Platinum range has long been providing the advantages of backwards compatibility with Nexus monitoring solutions.

“A major development through the new Stanilite Platinum range is that Nexus has been extended into NexusRF Infinity – a first-of-its-kind in the Australian and New Zealand markets,” said Stephen Charlton, Global Product Manager (Asia) Emergency Lighting.

“Nexus RF Infinity provides even greater whole-of-life value by reducing upfront and ongoing equipment and installation costs and extending the product lifecycle.”

Dynamic mesh networking creates unmatched scalability and flexibility for new communication paths to form, automatically and dynamically, using existing hardware.

For installers, they enjoy the efficiency of features such as mobile phone commissioning and report distribution – with huge time and cost benefits.

For facilities managers, they can extend their prior investments via backwards compatibility between Infinity and existing Nexus RF installations.

Nexus RF Infinity also easily integrates with building management systems, with enhanced data encryption supporting highly secure operations and maintenance.

Extending the Platinum range

The Platinum range includes Spitfire®, Quickfit® (the benchmark for installation and upgrade efficiency) and edgelit® (with luminaries for all architectural requirements). Models span recessed and surface-mount contexts including weatherproof, vandal-resistant and specialist (e.g. theatre mask) designs. Each offers the easy installation and modular benefits that have become synonymous with Stanilite.

The new Platinum range takes that further with both hardware and software compatibility so that customers can maximise past investments. For example, new Quickfit installations can work with existing Quickfit diffusers to upgrade facilities to the latest technology using existing installations – simple and cost effective.

The full catalogue is AS/NZS 2293-tested to meet the highest standards of safety and rigour in emergency lighting. Robust, reliable, long-lasting and low-maintenance value is assured through designs that place end-users at the centre. The result is the most effective protection and safety, in line with customer needs, relevant industry standards and regulations.

Design excellence empowering architectural style

Efficiency alone is not the only driver in state-of-the-art safety technology. That is where the new Platinum range provides a unique ability to deliver technical rigour as well as leading design aesthetics. As part of a global network, ABB taps into the latest in design thinking from around the world. The Australian-based research and development (R&D) team then sets to work, connecting international design excellence with Australian and New Zealand standards to ensure technology that will last the distance.

The Spitfire range offers one example as it provides the best of high visibility coupled with architecturally pleasing, modern and unobtrusive design. With a diverse product portfolio in this collection alone, including single and dual LED fittings, the Platinum range covers all application requirements.


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