ABB launches a “first-of-its-kind” in monitored emergency and exit lighting

ABB launches a “first-of-its-kind” in monitored emergency and exit lighting

ABB’s Stanilite NexusRF Infinity offers the next quantum leap in monitored emergency and exit lighting

ABB has released its new offering in emergency lighting, Stanilite NexusRF Infinity, that lets customers set-up, maintain and control their entire emergency lighting installations digitally. It provides a real-time overview of all systems which in turn saves time, enables better maintenance and enhances building safety.

Locally developed innovation by ABB’s Australian emergency lighting R&D team, the NexusRF Infinity builds on the solid foundation of NexusRF wireless system and now incorporates digital enhancements to reduce all aspects of the product life cycle.

NexusRF Infinity also gives a digital overview through a mobile optimised web interface which gives users instant information to assist resource planning and enhance building safety, which can be processed directly from a smart device.

The product also includes dynamic mesh networking. This ensures multiple potential communications paths that form automatically and dynamically, with automatic route optimisation to ensure trouble free operation.

The guiding design principals for NexusRF Infinity are to make it as simple as possible to use for both the installer and end user:

  • Foolproof installation with tap & scan technology for mobile commissioning
  • Commission during construction without power or backbone installation
  • No more commissioning spreadsheets
  • Backwards compatibility for existing Nexus RF installations
  • Report distribution from mobile devices
  • Integration with Building Management System (BMS)
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • 300% increase in router capacity
  • Enhanced IT Security features including HTTPS (SSL) encryption and DHCP via Static IP Address
  • 75% reduction of the commissioning time for installers and electrical contractors.

“By harnessing the power of mobile connectivity, Stanilite NexusRF Infinity unlocks and provides access to data and account management tools, allowing users to manage their emergency lighting system from anywhere, anytime while keeping a record of all activity safe due to the robust IT security enhancements,” ABB Australia’s head of smart buildings, Adrien Fournier, said.

“For customers, this can reduce operating costs dramatically and will be one of the key elements for building owners and facility managers to reduce the total cost of ownership of safety systems in the future.”

“Another key element of Nexus RF Infinity is the new commissioning method and interface which bring 75% reduction of the commissioning time for installers and electrical contractors.”

On top of this, functional and duration test can be easily programmed via a mobile optimized web platform which ensures the emergency luminaries are working properly.

Stanilite Nexus emergency and exit lighting has been the market leader in monitored emergency lighting systems since 1993. The introduction of Stanilite NexusRF wireless monitoring system in 2007 took the market by storm and quickly became the system of choice for end-users, consultants and electrical contractors.

ABB provides a unique, nationwide “through-life” product support service to assist users at every stage of the systems life. Nexus specialists are available over the phone or in the field as needed.

Stanilite is a well-known and trusted brand within the emergency market and has a proven track record with Nexus monitored systems. The NexusRF Infinity system exhibits the same attention to detail and focus on building safety that has made Stanilite Australia’s number one choice for emergency lighting systems.

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