ABB power distribution solutions help upgrade the urban lighting infrastructure of Tianjin

ABB power distribution solutions help upgrade the urban lighting infrastructure of Tianjin

ABB has delivered a reliable power distribution solution with UniSec air-insulated switchgear for the urban lighting upgrading project in Tianjin in China. The coastal metropolis in the north of the country has a population of around 15 million. The Tianjin Streetlight “1001” Project will further improve the city’s image, advance its urban lighting management, enhance the quality of living in the urban environment, and create a beautiful night scene.

On July 12, the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Urban Management issued the Organization and Implementation Plan for Tianjin Streetlight “1001 Project”, deciding to upgrade the urban streetlight facilities and advance the smart city building in Tianjin within three years. Once the project is completed, the streetlights’ power supply network will be more stable, and the operation will be more efficient.

The UniSec installed in this project is a new generation air-insulated switchgear available globally. Inheriting the features of the previous generation, such as simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking and modular design, UniSec has a newly designed PM (partitions metallic)-class three-position switch disconnector that allows the switchgear to provide higher safety and reliability. Beside the three-position switch disconnector that uses a small amount of SF6 gas, other components adopt air as their insulating medium, significantly reducing the environmental impact of the switchgear.

In addition, the 500mm wide air-insulated UniSec switchgear can meet the customer’s requirements for easy-to-deploy and easy-to-connect cables, and easy troubleshooting, providing reliable support for upgrading the power supply network for the streetlights along the major roads in the central urban area.

“We provide reliable power distribution solutions to the urban lighting upgrading project of Tianjin. This once again embodies ABB’s consistent commitment to helping Chinese customers deliver transformation and upgrades. With an electrical product portfolio that spans the entire equipment lifecycle and leading and safe technologies, ABB is able to provide integrated electrical solutions from customized design through to operation and maintenance services. The digital technologies from ABB will also help improve the stability of the power distribution network and energy efficiency management, advancing the construction of a smart city” said James Zhao, Lead Business Manager of Electrification Business Area in ABB China.

ABB products and solutions have been successfully deployed in various fields of Tianjin, including power, industry, transport and infrastructure, and the strong case book includes Tianjin Metro, Tianjin Museum, Tianjin Stadium, Tianjin Italian Style Town, and the historic architecture at Datong Road.


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