ABB in Vietnam helps partner achieve KEMA certification and enhance competitiveness

With ABB’s support in technology and expertise, A Chau Industrial Technology Joint Stock Company (ACIT) has become the only supplier in Vietnam to pass KEMA certification for type test switchgear of 24kV and 40.5kV.

Vietnam has witnessed rapid economic development, particularly in the power sector. Urbanization and a growing middle class have resulted in an increased energy consumption demand of 10-11% every year. As the power sector develops in scale and energy mix to meet the surge in demand and ensure the sector’s sustainable future, the application of advanced technology requires suppliers’ innovations. For local power distribution substations and key power projects in particular, international standards are applied to electrical switchgears.

ACIT manufactures switchgears and provides complete solutions for power transmission and distribution systems. ACIT and ABB have been in partnership for many years, working together on many Vietnamese utility power projects.

Enhancing reputations

As ACIT decided to aim for certification of the two product lines of 24kV and 40.5kV medium voltage primary switchgears, ABB worked closely to support its partner throughout the project lifecycle.

From design drawings of the medium voltage cabinets to manufacturing, as well as the assembly process, ABB experts in close cooperation with the ACIT team provided constant support to help the customer control and adhere to international standards. ABB’s experts were on site to look into detailed technical requirements, helping ACIT to overcome any challenges.

The two product lines also include ABB’s medium-voltage components such as vacuum circuit breaker VD4, current transformer, voltage transformer, and fixed contacts and spouts, as well as ABB’s low-voltage components such as digital protection relayRelion®, multi-function meter M4M, MCB S200, and other accessories.

ACIT's medium voltage switchgear production line
ACIT's medium voltage switchgear production line

The switchgears were produced in full compliance with Vietnam Electricity utilities requirements and following standard 62271-200 applied for primary medium-voltage switchgears by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The products successfully passed all the criteria set out by KEMA, including dielectric, internal arc, short circuit, and temperature rise tests.

ACIT’s achievement in attaining KEMA’s certifications marks a big milestone for both groups’ partnership, and helps ACIT become the only local supplier meeting requirements for type test switchgears of 24kV and 40.5kV in Vietnam. ACIT is now in a strong position to compete in local utility distribution and transmission projects, as well as in export markets.

ACIT's 24kV switchgear
ACIT's 24kV switchgear

Partnering for success

Talking about the partnership with ABB, ACIT Chairman and General Director Pham Dinh Thang said, “It was very critical that we had ABB’s support from the early phase to the end of the process. ABB’s leadership in medium-voltage products and solid expertise helped us to speed up the process, control quality consistently, and contributed significantly to the certification.”

Thang also appreciated the technical support, including hands-on installation instruction as well as in-depth product consultancy throughout the project cycles. “Being able to work with a leading global company for all of the key components in the products also means we had higher opportunities for the product certification,” Thang added.

Noel Hupont, Country Managing Director and Head of Electrification for ABB in Vietnam explained, “As the leading supplier of the type test switchgear in the global market with renowned primary medium-voltage switchgears, we are proud to be ACIT’s partner on these product lines.” Hupont added that KEMA’s certifications will help enhance ACIT’s reputation in the market. “It means both ACIT and ABB in Vietnam will be better positioned to compete in both local and international markets in the electrical cabinet business,” said Hupont.


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