World Cities Day

World Cities Day

The theme of World Cities Day 2020 is “Better City Better Life” with a focus on addressing the challenges of urbanization and contributing to sustainable urban development around the world. As a way of bringing awareness to the day, October 31, we begin a series of Smart Cities stories to highlight some ways ABB is helping cities meet the challenges of supporting sustainable development.

At ABB, we believe in providing a world for future generations that is at least as healthy and prosperous as the one we inherited. We, therefore, remain firmly committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including Goal 11 – making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Through our products, services and digital capabilities we are helping to reduce the impact that urbanization makes on the planet.

Today, half the world’s population lives in towns and cities. According to the International Energy Agency, urban areas, which are at the center of most economic activity, account for 64 percent of global energy consumption and are responsible for 70 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Reducing the environmental impact of cities is clearly a huge task but with enormous upsides. Around the world smart, energy-efficient and low-carbon technologies are already being deployed to significantly reduce the environmental impact of cities.

In our upcoming Smart Cities series we will highlight some of the initiatives we are involved with:

  • a state-of-the-art-technology smart building in Vietnam
  • a wide-reaching fleet electrification program that includes Germany’s first fully electrified bus terminal
  • ferries allowing more sustainable urban transportation
  • an energy-saving people mover at one of the world’s busiest airports
  • and much more!


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