Harvia leans on ABB technology for the most relaxing sauna experience

Harvia leans on ABB technology for the most relaxing sauna experience

The world’s largest sauna heater manufacturer relies on nearly silent ABB AF contactors for reliabiliity and quality.

Across the globe, people are enjoying the health and relaxation benefits of a sauna, an activity that the Finnish population has instituted as a nearly sacred tradition.

Based in Muurame, Finland, Harvia has evolved from a technologically advanced sauna heater manufacturer into the world’s largest sauna stove and heater manufacturer, with products and solutions available in over 80 countries. The 70-year-old company thoroughly understands the role that saunas play in the lives of people seeking quiet and relaxation.

Harvia has chosen to use ABB AF contactors in its sauna heaters for the global market. The electronic coil control and DC-operated coil in ABB’s AF contactors allow the switch to operate nearly silently. The contactor coil does not produce any AC hum that could disturb the peaceful enjoyment of a sauna.

“ABB’s AF contactors are very reliable products due to their high quality”, said Matti Kivimäki, purchasing manager at Harvia Group. “The technical details were the deciding factor when we made the switch to ABB’s components.“

Currently, the global marketplace for saunas approximates 15 million units, and that market is growing at an annual rate of five percent. With the rising demand, Harvia has steadily increased its production capacity.  

“Harvia has been the largest global manufacturer of sauna heaters throughout the 21st century.” said ABB Regional Sales Specialist Keijo Muittari, “The company has worked with ABB during that period to capitalize on our continually evolving contactor technology as we support Harvia’s planned growth in Europe, Asia and the Americas.”

In addition to relieving pain and anxiety, saunas like those produced by Harvia also can help people sleep better and, according to some studies, alleviate inflammation. Other research links the sauna with a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The addition of quiet, reliable ABB AF contactors will help to ensure that sauna users will gain these benefits serenely.


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