Virtual world virtuosa

Virtual world virtuosa

Maitsetseg Ravdandorj specializes in 3D simulations of machines and systems. The application engineer works for ABB Motion in Ladenburg, Germany. She not only develops technical applications for customers from a wide range of industries, she also creates digital twins of her solutions. She uses them for feasibility studies and to simulate commissioning.

The “Schwipp-Schwapp-Demo” exhibit bundles all the aspects Maitsetseg finds fascinating about her work. The exhibit for the SPS 2019 trade fair is a project highlight for the young engineer. To demonstrate the possibilities provided by ABB technology, she and her colleagues constructed a system that transports fluids of different viscosities with pinpoint accuracy. ABB drives and frequency converters form the basis, while specific programming prevents liquids from spilling over, hence the name “Schwipp-Schwapp”, German for “splish-splash”.

The application was also on show as a 3D simulation at SPS, one of the leading trade fairs in the automation sector. Maitsetseg used simulation tools to create a digital twin of the system – attracting a large number of visitors. “The simulation shows companies that virtual system commissioning is possible. The digital models also offer benefits later for maintenance, repairs and potential expansions. Designing and demonstrating an exhibit like this was a great experience,” she reports.

Complex 3D simulations of work sequences in machines and systems are the area of expertise of the 33-year-old, who studied mechanical and process engineering with a focus on mechatronics in Kaiserslautern, Germany. She joined ABB in 2018 as part of the global development team in Ladenburg and switched to key account support in 2020, where she develops technical products and applications for companies in several different sectors. “I enjoy being the point of contact for customers, learning about their specific requirements and finding custom-tailored solutions for them,” says Maitsetseg . She uses 3D simulations to determine the feasibility of a development and optimize it.

Maitsetseg is originally from Mongolia. She moved to Germany to work as an au-pair when she was 18. She remains in contact with the family in Montabaur, whose children she took care of at the time. “I wanted to learn German and study in Germany,” she emphasizes.

Following her time as an au-pair, she took an introductory course at a technical school, which prompted her decision to study mechanical engineering. Her interest in technology was sparked in early childhood. As a student, she regularly took part in Mathematical Olympiads; even as a young girl she learned to perform mathematical calculations with large numbers. Growing up in the Mongolian Steppe, she and her family lived in a yurt and had hundreds of sheep, goats, cattle, camels and horses. The livestock went out to pasture by themselves each morning and returned every evening. Maitsetseg was always on hand when it was time to count the animals.

She now lives in Heidelberg, Germany where she not only enjoys the historic city center, but also the Neckar river. She discovered stand-up paddling in the summer and likes relaxing and being close to nature on her tours of the river.


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