REX640 introduces cost-effective switchgear HMI for optimal visibility and operational safety

Capable of covering up to 20 REX640 relays, the new switchgear human-machine interface (SHMI) provides optimal visibility and reduces relay costs by up to 15 percent.

ABB continues to support the increasing digitalization of substations by releasing new functionality for its all-in-one protection relay, REX640. Ready to protect and control any asset in advanced power generation and distribution applications, REX640 takes the next step to ensure an improved user experience and cost-effectiveness by introducing an additional user interface. With the addition of the SHMI, REX640 can now offer three HMI options for maximum flexibility to meet specific requirements.

REX640 switchgear human-machine interface (SHMI)
REX640 switchgear human-machine interface (SHMI)

The Web HMI (WHMI) is included by default. The relay is fully operational without a physical HMI, although local control operations are not possible. Managing with the WHMI only will reduce the relay costs.

The intuitive, application-driven local HMI (LHMI) features a large color touch screen that visualizes power distribution process information in detail in a unique way. The result is increased situational awareness and maximum ease of use. Ready-made application-based pages, symbol libraries and widgets minimize the need for graphical engineering, which saves both time and efforts. The LHMI pages and symbols can also be customized, if necessary, for optimum freedom, using ABB’s relay setting and configuration tool – PCM600. The LHMI can be flexibly connected either to the relay or station communication network.

The new cost-efficient SHMI brings an entirely new dimension to the LHMI by making it possible for one physical interface to cover up to 20 REX640 relays, without having to forgo the many great aspects of the LHMI. The full LHMI functionality is still available on switchgear panel or bay level – such as alarms, events and disturbance records – by selecting one panel or bay at a time.

Optimal visibility of switchgear lineup
Using the SHMI on switchgear level offers the ability to view the status of the complete switchgear lineup via only one physical interface for optimal visibility. The SHMI conveniently displays information on the status of the entire switchgear and indicates alarms per bay or panel.

Configuration backups for all connected REX640 relays
The SHMI stores configuration backups automatically for all REX640 relays connected to it, whereas the REX640 relays store backups of the SHMI configuration in return. This allows fast and easy replacement of a faulty relay or SHMI, if necessary, with no need for additional software tools as all necessary instructions are provided via the SHMI.

Increased operator safety 
The SHMI is always connected to the station communication network. This allows installation at a location of choice within the substation, such as in a control room, which increases operator safety. The relay can be connected either to an LHMI or the SHMI but not to both at the same time.

Up to 15 % savings on relay costs
The SHMI provides an optimal and cost-efficient option especially when the size of the switchgear lineup is between 4 and 20 panels or bays, or when the LHMI is only used occasionally but all its great aspects are appreciated.

Economical with space
The SHMI is an excellent choice when there is a limited amount of space, such as in a small-sized secondary switchgear located in a shopping center or industry, consisting of a few panels only. To equip every REX640 relay in such a switchgear with an LHMI of its own would be overkill. If REX640 still is the preferred relay, using an SHMI would be the ideal choice.

For further details, please visit the REX640 product page and the product introduction portal. You can also use the intuitive online Product Selection Tool (PST) to easily configure your unique REX640 relay and access the latest product and price information.


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