An ABB FSE shows glass company why Dodge is a clear choice

A well-known glass company founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1932, now has operations throughout the world. In Bajio, Mexico, an ABB field sales engineer (FSE) helped the company solve an ongoing problem at one of its glass plants. The plant installed competitor’s gearboxes that often failed and caused unwanted downtime.

The FSE, Hugo Velez, noticed the competitor used a Cardan shaft to run a conveyor and attached it to a motor and a gearbox. The setup caused severe wear and tear, which also caused the conveyor to stall. The company experienced a loss of production, time, and money. Velez conducted a study and provided a solution with Dodge gearboxes. He showed the site manager a CAD drawing on how the Dodge gearbox-motor single unit solution would be more efficient and easier to maintain.  Attaching the motor-gearbox as one unit, eliminated the use of the long Cardan shaft and made the installation process easier and faster. Managers with the glass company became so pleased and impressed with the installation, they bought more than 80 units worth about $80,000.

Andres Torres is the ABB area sales manager for Mexico.

“Our engineers are highly trained and understand how certain products fit into solutions,” Torres said. “The engineer really provided a unique solution and we’re very proud. It’s a win-win situation for the glass company and it also gives Dodge products more exposure.”

Torres says the FSEs experience in the industry often sets them apart from others.

“In many instances, companies have mechanical guys, but not skilled, trained engineers,” Torres said. “That’s the difference and it’s what these FSEs provide in these types of scenarios.”


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