Frequency-converter update from ACS 800 series to ACS 880 series

The MNS switchgear’s ACS 800 series frequency-converter can be replaced with the heat tested ACS 880 series

We are pleased to announce the release of update from ACS 800 series to ACS 880 series on MNS Low Voltage Switchgear. The verified solution allows the upgrade of assemblies delivered in packaged parts.
The solution ensures the availability of the assemblies by upgrading them to the active version, ACS880, with minimal modifications.

Customer benefits

An upgrade to the ACS 880 series offers the following benefits:

  • New, easy to use control panel
  • Updated DTC motor control
  • SIL3 level STO safety as a default
  • Larger power connectors
  • Two parallel DeviceNet interfaces
  • Removable memory unit
  • PC connection with a USB cable
  • Smaller size
  • Fast and simple commissioning
  • Short shutdown time
  • Longer switchgear service life
  • Smaller maintenance requirements
  • Better availability of spare parts

Target markets

This solution addresses the global market. The particular solutions can be seen globally on Pulp & Paper projects.

Product highlights

The ACS880 upgrade is designed and tailored for retrofitting of assemblies within the MNS switchgear. Minimizing time on site, reducing downtime is one of the challenges resolved by this solution. The solution has been tested in ABB laboratories according to temperature rise limitations.

Product characteristics

MNS switchgear’s ACS 800 frequency-converters can be replaced with an ACS 880 frequency-converter. Replacements are available for the following frames and powers:

Frequency-converter Frame Power [Kw] Voltage [V]
ACS800 R2 - R8 1.5 kW - 560 kW 400 V / 690 V
ACS880 R1 - R11 0.75 kW - 630 kW 400 V / 690 V

Product documentation

See download section below.

Product design

The solution is designed in form of kits with components specific for the upgrade. The alternative solution is the tailored upgrade of the ACS800 to ACS880 that involves high number of hours of engineering, sourcing and site work.

Sales process

The sales process involving first assessment of the existing switchgear from photographs and manufacturing drawings. The right kit is selected and forwarded with the quotation.


Available from September 2021


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