MNS Withdrawable Module Test Trolley

Keeping your equipment at optimal performance

We are pleased to announce the release of MNS Withdrawable Module Test Trolley. The assembly is used to test and verify the operation of MNS Withdrawable Modules.

Customer benefits

The Test Trolley enables a standardized verification process for the testing of control and protection circuits.
It ensures operation in optimal condition, increases availability and uptime, and provides a safe testing process with its enclosed housing.

Target markets

This solution addresses the global market. The standard test trolley design can be customized to cater project specific requirements.

Product highlights

MNS Withdrawable Test Trolley provides a safe, standardized process to maintain and verify the withdrawable module condition:

  • Easy and fast function and primary injection testing during the entire MNS lifetime
  • Minimized risk of damage to electrical equipment
  • Less time required for testing the operation
  • Short payback due to time savings and reduced number of configuration errors
  • Increased operational safety due to fully sheltered housing
  • Easy to use – basic training • Ergonomic and portable

Product characteristics

MNS Withdrawable Module Test Trolley is designed to accommodate various sizes of MNS withdrawable modules. The overall dimensions have been standardized, and customization is available for control circuit.

Product documentation

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Available from October 2021


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