Hubertus von Grünberg Award

Calling all talented researchers: The Hubertus von Grünberg award is now open to applications. This prestigious prize is presented only every third year and recognizes outstanding research in the field of automation or electrification. It grants the sum of $300,000 in support of postdoctoral research.

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Andreas Moglestue ABB Review Zürich, Switzerland,

ABB created the research award in honor of its former chairman, Hubertus von Grünberg →01. The prize has been awarded twice so far, in 2016 and 2019 →02.

The award includes a $ 300,000 grant for postdoctoral research and is open to PhD graduates specializing in electrification or automation from any university. The third instalment of the award will be presented in 2022.

The jury consists of professors from leading universities as well as senior ABB researchers and Hubertus von Grünberg himself.

The deadline for submission is 29th January 2022.
You can find more information about the award here:

02 Past laureates of the award. (Photo: Publik. Agentur für Kommunikation)
02 Past laureates of the award. (Photo: Publik. Agentur für Kommunikation)

Hubertus von ­Grünberg
The research award is dedicated in honor of the achievements of Hubertus von Grünberg, who served as ABB Chairman from 2007 to 2015.

01 Hubertus von Grünberg.
01 Hubertus von Grünberg.

Von Grünberg, a theo­retical physicist who wrote his doctoral dissertation in 1970 on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, was instrumental in setting ABB on a path to sustainable growth. His legacy includes his support for research, both at universities and within the company - establishing it as one of ABB’s strategic imperatives. Today the group invests some $1.3 billion annually in R&D and operates numerous research centers around the world- underlining ABB’s claim to be one of the most innovative companies worldwide in driving the digital transformation of industries.


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