Circularity: The new direction of choice

Circularity: The new direction of choice

ABB and HKS The Metal Company joined forces to reduce energy consumption by choosing the direction of circularity – helping reduce emissions through recycling

Energy keeps our world turning. The water we drink, the food we eat, the clothes we wear – everything we need is produced, processed and delivered – all of which requires energy. However, as energy is consumed, CO2 is emitted so if we can reduce the amount of energy used, we reduce the amount of CO2 – a win, win solution.

45% of the world’s electricity is used to power electric motors in buildings and industrial applications and by 2040, the number of motors will double. This means energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for governments, people and organizations. The EU has, for example, launched “Fit for 55”, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

Keeping the world going and saving energy – our commitment

ABB Motion works together with suppliers, partners and customers to enable a low-carbon society, helping save resources and promote social progress. Our motors have already broken records for energy efficiency and now we are exploring new ways to save energy in the manufacturing of our motors. In this video, we tell the story of how ABB and HKS The Metal Company joined forces to reduce energy consumption by choosing the direction of circularity – helping reduce emissions through recycling.

For over 130 years, ABB has been developing, manufacturing and servicing electric motors and associated drive technology, pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency. Now, taking a step further, ABB is moving towards increasing circularity by recycling old electric motors.

Arne van den Bor, Trading Manager at HKS The Metal Company explains, “when it comes to circularity, both ABB and HKS share the same values, which is why this partnership works so well.”

At the start of the process, when a motor is no longer being used, HKS will collect the motor and recycle it at one of their processing sites. Once recycled, the raw materials are sent to smelters across Europe to be melted and then made available to ABB to reuse in the manufacturing of new products – including brand new motors. The old motor is given a completely new life but without as much energy being consumed or emissions emitted through the extraction of new materials.

Through the partnership, ABB and HKS are closing the loop of the lifecycle of the electric motor, helping drive forward circularity in the industry.

Circularity is the new way of working

“At ABB, we are committed that by 2030, at least 80 percent of ABB products and solutions will be covered by our circularity approach. Helping reduce our CO2 footprint and exceeding our own sustainability targets. Through this approach, we are making circularity the new way of working”, Staf Seurinck, Country Managing Director, ABB Netherlands.

Whilst we know companies across the industry are working hard to save energy and reduce their CO2 emissions, they aren’t always aware of all the steps they can take. Through ABB’s energy optimization services, developed in cooperation with partners, customers can save costs, reduce energy consumption and minimize CO2 emissions.

Through circularity, we can all make an active contribution towards a more sustainable and greener planet. A simple and realistic goal we can achieve together.

Watch the video with ABB and HKS explaining their partnership here.


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