ABB introduces ‘Plug N Charge’, the fast and user-friendly way to recharge EVs

ABB introduces ‘Plug N Charge’, the fast and user-friendly way to recharge EVs

  • ‘Plug N Charge’ technology implemented by ABB makes Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and payment simple and more convenient
  • Removing the need for cards or other payment and authorization methods at point of use
  • Charging technology made easy – simply charge and go

ABB introduces Plug N Charge technology to simplify and streamline EV charging and payment. With Plug N Charge, drivers simply pull up to the charging point, take out the connector and plug it into their EV. The charge starts automatically and when the vehicle is fully charged, payment is automatically authorized.

Plug N Charge is based on standardized ISO 15118 communication protocol between charge point and EV for secure communication. Once connected, the Plug N Charge point reads the car’s contract certificate – a kind of digital passport and ensures it is valid by checking with the e-mobility provider’s data in the cloud before authorizing the charge. This secure validation process and transfer of data all happens in a matter of seconds, at the driver’s convenience.

Frank Muehlon, President of ABB’s E-mobility division said: “Plug N Charge technology has been around for some time, but the industry hasn’t been aligned in the way it has been developed - until now. ABB has driven this standardization process from the beginning as part of our commitment to delivering a great, universal charging experience.

“We’ve incorporated our own experience of real-world charging sites to make Plug N Charge as user-friendly as possible for drivers, while giving our customers the secure, responsive charging points they want on site. But we aren’t stopping there. We are committed to extending the functionality even further so that more drivers, car OEMs and charge point operators benefit from a simple and streamlined charging experience.”

While the concept sounds very simple, it incorporates sophisticated digital standardized technology which facilitates secure communication between the EV, the charging point and EV charger operators so that payment cards and fobs are not needed.

To use ABB’s most user-friendly charging concept yet, EV drivers need to have a contract certificate from their e-mobility provider, which contains all the information about the service they have purchased. Their car will also need to have ISO 15118 (the recognized standard for vehicle to grid communication) and the ‘Plug N Charge’ feature enabled.

ABB’s Plug N Charge technology is now globally available for network operators and drivers on the latest model DC chargers with CCS connectors.

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