Monitoring the first ever metro system in Bangladesh

Monitoring the first ever metro system in Bangladesh

When the government of Bangladesh wanted to enhance digitalization and energy efficiency on the Dhaka Metro Mass Rapid Transit system, it chose ABB’s new state-of-the-art network analyzers.

Rail is being rediscovered as a sustainable and energy-efficient form of passenger transport that can help reduce CO2 emissions, power consumption and noise pollution, particularly in urban areas.

ABB understands the importance and implications of running railway networks, developing complete solutions that protect infrastructure and meet the expectations of users and transport stakeholders across applications such as passenger stations, control and signalling units, tunnels and rolling stock.

So, when Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) wanted to increase energy efficiency and statistical monitoring of assets along the city’s first-ever metro system, they chose ABB to provide a trusted solution.

Fast-tracking metro travel in Dhaka   

The capital city of Dhaka is the busiest city in Bangladesh and the fifth-densest city in the world in terms of traffic. The trial run of the new Dhaka Metro Mass Rapid Transit system on a section of the project known as Mass Rapid Transit Line-6 (MRT 6) in August 2021 was an historic moment for the city: once the initial phase of the project is complete, the train will carry 60,000 passengers per hour.

MRT 6 stretches 20.1km and has 16 stations. For DMTCL, it was imperative that the metering solution provided by ABB gave them complete visibility of operations along the full length of the line to add value to the business and improve energy efficiency and monitoring through digitalization. The end user required a sophisticated digital solution and found it with ABB’s M4M network analyzers.

Sabbir Aman, Senior Manager at Energypac Engineering Limited explains that “we asked for specific high-end technical requirements of network analyzers, including a large, bright and informative display and reliable communication capability with our central building management system. These requirements fit perfectly within the specification of ABB’s network analyzers. Thanks to this technology, the network diagnosis feature added extra benefit for the commissioning team to easily rectify field-wiring errors.”

ABB’s network analyzers (M4M) were DMTCL’s metering solution of choice thanks to their advanced power quality and highly modified features, impressive user experience, flexibility and connectivity.

ABB M4M network analyzers   

ABB’s new state-of-the-art M4M range combines accurate and reliable power monitoring of energy distribution systems with intuitive visualization to optimize the energy efficiency of critical assets.

The ABB M4M 20 solution provided to DMTCL addressed the operator’s requirements best, from design and specifications to installation and commissioning, as well as operations and maintenance. M4M 20 is suitable for a variety of applications and has a very intuitive design and easy configuration.

To date, Dhaka MRT has installed approximately 850 pieces of M4M 20, including 600 pcs of M4M 20 and 250 pieces of m4M 20 Modbus, enabling accurate real-time energy data monitoring of electrical parameters and complete power quality analysis of the facility through advanced KPIs.

The advanced graphics and key performance indicators (KPIs) shown in the display are especially useful to the end user, allowing DMTCL technicians to monitor the closely and effectively from an on-site BMS.

M4M analyzers also give the customer peace of mind thanks to high-accuracy statistical monitoring to class 0.5S and compliance with the industry metering standards IEC 62053-22 and IEC 61557-12.  

M4M 20
M4M 20

Better by design: customer benefits  

DMTC has paid tribute to the performance of the M4M solution, particularly the intuitive design of the product, its flexibility, connectivity and product display. Personnel working on the new MRT 6 report that the system is easy to use due to its highly modified and technical features, including the touchscreen, Bluetooth, internal memory and Ekip Connect functionality.

The customer also appreciates the potential for easy cloud integration. Thanks to its connectivity capabilities, M4M can be combined with ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager scalable energy and asset management solutions to monitor, optimize and control the complete electrical system.

ABB is already supplying metering solutions to 13 out of 16 stations on the Dhaka Metro MRT system, working with Energypac Engineering Limited, a local licensed panel builder, to install System pro E power, ABB's main distribution switchboard solution.

Keeping decarbonisation on track  

ABB has a long history of providing innovative and energy-efficient technologies to the rail sector, manufacturing all components and subsystems in urban and high-speed networks, and offering life-cycle service support, including retrofits and maintenance for its globally installed base.

“The Dhaka Metro Mass Rapid Transit Line 6 is the biggest ever ABB project supplying low voltage switchgear solutions in Bangladesh in terms of scope of supply, comprising more than 1,000 pieces of M4M 20 network analyzers, in addition to ABB miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and SR2 panels,” says Sayem Hossain Malik, Deputy Manager at ABB.

“With a high level of satisfaction, the customer is now enjoying the multiple benefits that ABB’s innovative new range of network analyzers has to offer. We look forward to working closely with DMTC during the MRT 6 test phase, and beyond.”  

The Dhaka Metro MRT project is part of ABB’s strategy of targeting new segments with its updated M4M portfolio, while providing added value to MRT lines. The success of such projects cements the company’s reputation as a specialist in the metering field, and ABB hopes it will lead to regular, repeated business. 

Reducing CO2 emissions and improving energy efficiency in the transport sector in general – and rail in particular – in line with evolving environmental legislation and the 2015 Paris Agreement is a priority. ABB solutions and expertise will help operators remain on track to meet these noble goals. 


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