Limited phase for Terra 53 product line

The Terra 53 product line will change from Classic to Limited per 2022-01-01.

In accordance with the ABB global policy, this product follows the ABB Life Cycle Management process. For details, please refer to Life Cycle Management or the summary below.


Operating systems and architectures are subject to a very fast evolution, as well as to new cyber security vulnerabilities. Best software practices and various new features are continuously added to Active and Classic products. However, after some years in the Classic phase, products cannot be upgraded anymore with the latest software updates due to limited technical capabilities of legacy control-hardware. At this point the latest software will be ‘frozen’: no further updates for communication protocols, interoperability with electric vehicles, cyber security, etc. are developed for the chargers anymore. This may imply that the product’s cyber security will get inadequate, limiting ABB to offer remote monitoring, diagnostics, and service support.

In order to avoid the potentially severe consequences of such a frozen state, ABB will support a control-hardware upgrade for a wide range of its products. This will keep the product in the Classic phase including the regular software enhancements. The upgrade can be a one-time purchase or alternatively an integrated element of an ABB Service Level Agreement (SLA).  

With this letter, we inform you that the Terra 53 charger with the original Q7 processor will enter the Limited phase. Below, you will find the explanation of how you can choose to upgrade the charger with a new controller, with which your Terra 53 will remain in the Classic phase. In case you prefer not to upgrade your product, or not to rely on an ABB Service Level Agreement, your Terra 53 will enter the Limited phase, which will be valid for a few years before the Obsolete phase will be reached. In the Obsolete phase, replacement of products and spare parts will be possible only with new products/parts (if specified and available).

How to upgrade the Terra 53 product line

The following table shows the part(s) making the Terra 53 product line not anymore state-of-the-art in performance and (cyber)security, and the parts to replace them in order to bring the product in proper shape again.


There are two ways to check whether a Terra 53 is equipped with the legacy Q7 or new ARMXL control board: visually inspect your charger or request the ABB service team. The differences are shown in the pictures below.


The core software that runs on the Q7 control board has reached end of life, and support will be terminated from January 1st, 2022. Terra 53 chargers received their last software update (version 4.5) in 2021 providing several new features improving the user experience and the serviceability of the charger. Minor software updates might be provided in the future, for maintenance purposes only. The table below informs about the difference between the software features that will be available with the last software update on the Q7 control board versus features available on a charger with ARMXL.


ABB recommends considering the cyber security of the control board in the decision to either maintain the Q7 or upgrade to the ARMXL control board.  Like all products connected to the Internet or external network, the cyber security risk increases from the moment that devices stop receiving software updates and patches. The transition to the end of active software development for the Q7 based chargers corresponds with the official end of maintenance and improvement actions, by freezing the software to a stable state, but not protecting the charger from potential future threats. Therefore, ABB recommends upgrading the Q7 to the ARMXL control board, to gain access to the latest cyber security features and improvements.

Alternatively, the non-secure Terra 53 product line can be replaced by the secure Terra 54 product line with the advantage of providing the following benefits.

Terra 54 product line

Key benefits of the Terra 54 product line compared to the Terra 53 product line:

The Terra 54 product regularly receives the newest platform software releases, including improved charge control, interoperability with newest EV releases, more stable (modem) connectivity, and latest state-of-the-art cyber security.

The Terra 54 product line offers increasing interface functionality, for OCPP, ISO 15118, Plug & Charge, and OCP UA (for local energy management solutions).

Terra 54 chargers follow the latest improvements in user interaction and customizable graphical user interface functionality.  

More information about the Terra 54 product line and all other ABB EV fast chargers can be found on the ABB E-mobility website. The replacement product is the Terra 54 product line.


What will happen next

The local ABB Sales organization will inform the relevant owners of chargers about this upcoming life cycle phase change so that they can adapt their operational strategy accordingly. ABB will offer owners of chargers the opportunity to upgrade their chargers with new hardware and/or software, as explained above. In case the owner doesn’t want to (co)invest in new, secure hardware/software, the product will go into Limited phase.  

Charger owners can also choose to replace the Terra 53 product line with the Terra 54 product line.  

The Life Cycle phase status in the ABB Products database and ERP/SAP system will be updated accordingly.  

Inventory levels will be actively managed to reduce and eliminate stock of products and materials.  

The ABB product return policy will be valid during the Classic or Limited phase. Any returns after Classic or Limited will only be accepted with approval of the undersigned.  

For any further questions, please contact your local ABB Sales representative or local ABB Service group.


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