Sealing the deal

Sealing the deal

Generator sales have seen a significant increase due to rising demand for uninterruptible and reliable power supply systems from end-users and increased demand for IT infrastructure management [1].

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Ralph Donati ABB Electrification ­Installation Products Memphis, USA

ABB provided compatible lugs and specialty application tooling.

When Wedlake, a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company that offers a full line of industrial generator-related products, had only 48 hours to complete an important project for generator enclosures, the company’s team reached out to their distributor partner to help find a solution. ABB was consulted and selected to provide the needed compatible lugs and specialty application tooling to securely complete a number of power connections.

ABB and its channel partners worked quickly to provide what was needed. This started with using the Lug Link Color-Keyed® Selector app for accurate size verification, as well as for technical data related to this application. They were also able to leverage ABB’s Tool Services loaner program, which overnighted a range-taking battery-powered SMART® tool to ensure proper crimps and connectivity. Collaborating across the ABB business, from customer service and field technical experts to warehouse and inventory specialists, they were able to source, route and ship the Color-Keyed® lugs in time to meet the customer’s deadline. 

[1] Cision. Worldwide generator sales. Available: [Accessed January 18, 2022].


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