ABB India’s new R&D facility benefits from its Motion solutions in meeting energy efficiency goals

ABB India’s new R&D facility benefits from its Motion solutions in meeting energy efficiency goals

Motion India’s ultra-low harmonic drives in combination with EC Titanium motors play a major role in improving energy efficiency at ABB’s newly inaugurated R&D and engineering facility in Bengaluru, India.

The ABB Innovation Center (AIC) is one of ABB's largest in the world, serving as the hub for next-level technological advancements and innovation. This state-of-the-art facility saves a significant amount of energy, thanks to in-house ABB solutions, which include the ultra-low harmonic drives and EC Titanium motors from Motion India.

IE5 efficiency by combining ultra-low harmonic drives with EC Titanium motors

AIC has deployed 46 nos. of ultra-low harmonic ACH580 drives and EC Titanium motors on its air handling units (AHUs) to save energy. This combination improves the performance of air handling units by running the motors at a maximum speed of 60 Hz which optimizes the system and improves energy efficiency.

The ACH580 ultra-low harmonic drives have full HVAC functionality and harmonic content of less than 3 percent. It helps to keep the supply clean and easily meets the IEEE 519 standards. Harmonics can damage sensitive electronic equipment, interfere with communication equipment, trip circuit breakers, overheat cables and motors, and much more. The ultra-low harmonic drive provides a dependable solution to these challenges. It is a one-stop solution for HVAC applications, providing savings on total cost of ownership, improved reliability, and energy efficiency.

“By deploying in-house solutions to improve energy efficiency at one of its biggest innovation centers, ABB is showing the world that sustainability begins at home. With this project, AIC Bengaluru has become the first ABB-owned India facility to use ultra-low harmonic drives along with the IE5 ultra-premium efficiency motors. We are proud to be a part of this project and look forward to many more similar internal collaborations in the future,” said AR Madhusudan, President, Drive Products.

The Baldor Reliance EC Titanium motor, incorporating Ferrite Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Rotor (FASR) achieves IE5 or ultra-premium efficiency and maintains the performance across varying speeds, and full and part load conditions, enabling equipment to achieve optimal performance no matter the operating point.

“In applications such as pumps or fans where most installations run at partial speed and reduced load ranges, the EC Titanium motor helps in achieving annual cost savings of 20% or more compared to the traditional motor technology,” said Shubhankar Mishra, Local Division Manager for NEMA Motors division, Motion India,

Remote condition monitoring reduces downtime and increases personnel safety

The air handling units at the AIC facility are installed in a closed area and it’s difficult to monitor the condition of the equipment in its running state. The MOSE digital R&D team has installed four Gen-2 smart sensors on the EC Titanium motors for enabling remote condition monitoring. The sensors can easily fit on the assets and collect data and transmit it via smartphone or gateway to the cloud. This helps in detecting problems quickly and prevents any unexpected downtime or failure.

The new AIC facility, which spans 3,30,000 sq. ft across eight floors, has been designed in line with ABB's long-term commitment to enabling a low-carbon society. It houses 2500 diverse technologists including engineers, principal and data scientists, architects, domain and analytics specialists, programmers, and developers.

More than 25,000 ABB products have been installed in the building, which aims to achieve Platinum Rating under LEED, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) rating system. ABB solutions offer energy bill savings of up to 20%, as well as the potential to save up to 40% on maintenance costs and up to 30% on operational costs.


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