Copper and gold mine expansion in Georgia powered by digital solutions

Copper and gold mine expansion in Georgia powered by digital solutions

ABB supports the energy distribution of Rich Metals Group, one of the largest copper and gold mining businesses in Georgia and the entire Caucasus region. Providing more than 10 percent of Georgia's exports as the leading mining company of the country, Rich Metals Group selected ABB Electrification offerings for the expansion of its facility.

With the right analysis and a customer-oriented approach, ABB’s Electrification business in Turkey offered the ideal solution for all requirements of JSC RMG Copper's Madneuli Expansion project and new low-voltage motor control center.

With its experience in the mining industry, ABB created the most effective solution for the project. In addition to medium and low-voltage switchgear, RMG Copper received the complete ABB solution consisting of power quality systems, uninterruptible power supplies, drives, busbars and Digital Systems Center solutions.

ABB’s UniGear Digital medium-voltage switchgear solution takes full advantage of well-proven components: current and voltage sensors, and Relion® protection and control relays with IEC 61850 digital communication, to ensure a reliable and efficient electrical network. The digital solution boosts operational continuity with minimum maintenance requirements and to all conditions. In case of a change in load capacity, only to set new setting values in protection relays and the sensor transformation ratios, thus ensuring zero power interruption. With this solution there are time savings and reduced effort during production and commissioning phases. Moreover, UniGear Digital increases operator safety, enhances ease of operation, thus providing a unique solution for RMG Copper.

With an installed base spanning over 40 years, the MNS low-voltage switchgear provides maximum security and reliability for RMG Copper. With a modular and withdrawable design, a module in the MNS 3.0 can be easily replaced without any power interruptions, thus minimizing downtime. Additionally, RMG Copper chose MNS 3.0 due to its outstanding performance in arc fault containment, thereby providing unmatched safety for protection of personnel and plant. With its compact, drawerbased structure, the MNS 3.0 provides ease of replacement and saves valuable space in electrical rooms. The ABB Digital Systems Center in Turkey realized smart grid monitoring and management functionality by integrating the energy analyzers, switches and drives in the switchgear with Ethernet switches and protocol converters.

RMG Copper went with ABB Powerline DPA Series Industrial UPS due to their superior features, such as high overload and short circuit capacity, safe mechanical design, decentralized parallel architecture and quick and easy maintenance. Providing operational convenience thanks to its user-friendly interface and requiring much fewer spare parts than its counterparts, the Powerline DPA contributes to business continuity with very short repair times. It emerges as the most suitable solution for industrial facilities with high temperature, dust, humidity and corrosive factors, due to its robust design.

The combined commissioning within the scope of the RMG “Madneuli Expansion” and “Motor Control Center” projects is the first ABB project of its kind in the country.


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