ABB’s collaborative approach strikes a chord with Kazakh copper producer

ABB’s collaborative approach strikes a chord with Kazakh copper producer

Advanced digital e-house pumping stations will ensure an uninterrupted supply of energy while optimizing productivity

One of the fastest-growing copper producers in Kazakhstan, KAZ Minerals Plc, selected ABB to deliver two additional e-house water pumping stations at the Aktogay open-pit copper mine to increase productivity and keep the mine operations up and running throughout the year. ABB Kazakhstan collaborated with the Process Industries team at ABB Switzerland to deliver the pumping stations to the customer.

“We believe collaboration is an effective way of delivering the best of the solutions to our customers as per their requirements. In this project, we collaborated with ABB Switzerland to ensure that the customer receives the same electrical equipment and e-house system for the new pumping stations. The customer has already used our e-house solution earlier,” said Denis Baistrukov, Process Industries Service Sales Manager, ABB Kazakhstan.

The Aktogay copper mine is located in the eastern province near Nur-Sultan and produces 131.2 kt copper annually. The project is currently expanding as demand for copper increases in the long run. Aktogay is KAZ Minerals’ second-biggest project.

Effective collaboration to deliver cutting-edge solutions

In January 2022, ABB was selected to supply two new water pumping stations including six e-houses with 28 medium voltage (MV) switchgear panels, four MV VSDs, LV MCC and distribution transformers. These e-houses are custom-engineered, prefabricated, modular outdoor enclosures designed to house a range of different electrical and automation equipment. They can be skid or wheel-mounted and are ready to operate in the field with minimum installation, commissioning and start-up time - as an alternative to traditional on-site building construction.

ABB teams in Kazakhstan and Switzerland delivered the first e-house solution for Aktogay’s PS2 and PS3 facilities in 2019. The ABB Kazakhstan team collaborated with the ABB Switzerland team to deliver the same quality of e-houses that had been installed in 2019.

“This project has been an example of how collaboration is key in providing robust and high-quality solutions to our customers and winning their confidence. We look forward to continuing our work at Aktogay and supporting them in their future endeavors,” Natalija Gromova, Country Holding Officer ABB Kazakhstan, remarked.

“Our relationship with the customer strengthened following the successful delivery of the stations. Moreover, ABB Switzerland showing a keen interest in the region has helped ABB position itself as a leading supplier of digital solutions,” Natalija Gromova added.

This project will act as a blueprint for ABB to showcase how a collaborative approach helps in customizing solutions for our customers while expanding its digital footprint in the region. 


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