Conformal coating to safeguard Relion®  protection relays against harsh environments

Conformal coating to safeguard Relion® protection relays against harsh environments

For optimal performance, improved reliability and durability in the most extreme environments, ABB has added an additional layer of protection to its Relion® 615, 620 and 640 protection relays. This coating increases the relay’s resilience against harsh environmental conditions and the reliability of the entire power distribution system.

Electronic components, such as printed wired boards (PWBs), can be exposed to a variety of harsh conditions. Heavy moisture, chemicals and other corrosive agents, such as H2S (hydrogen sulfide) gas, create a harsh environment that might negatively impact the relay.

Adding a conformal coating to the PWB not only protects the electronic circuits from the harsh environment, but also enhances the reliability and extends the durability of the entire relay. Reliable operation throughout the relay’s life cycle translates into fewer unplanned maintenance breaks and maximized uptime, as well as maximum return on investment.

“The possibility to add a conformal coating will greatly benefit industrial processes characterized by particularly demanding environmental conditions,” said Tero Talvitie, global product manager at ABB. “In response to requests from our customers, we are now able to offer all our 615, 620 and 640 relays as either coated or uncoated for flawless performance in the most extreme environments.”

ABB uses an accredited, single-component, high-solid, acrylated polyurethane coating for excellent resistance to both moisture and chemicals. In addition to combating corrosion, the coating provides a highly durable protective shield against mechanical stress.

All protection relays, both coated and uncoated, are extensively tested to meet or exceed the industry standards. To ensure maximum resistance to moisture and corrosive agents and excellent, reliable performance, additional tests such as a mixed gas corrosion and a salt mist test are performed on relays with conformal coating.

Selecting conformal coating provides the following benefits:

  • Additional layer of protection for the electronic circuits on PWBs
  • Maximizes resistibility against high-humidity conditions, and corrosive and contaminant agents in the environment
  • Minimizes costly production downtime and power outages in the distribution network through reliable performance of the relay
  • Optimal asset management and return on investment due to enhanced durability and reliability in harsh environments

For additional information on the protection relays, please refer to the 615 series and 620 series pages and the REX640 introduction portal.


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