Towards carbon neutrality across our operations: ABB opens a solar park in the Jüri technology campus, Estonia

Towards carbon neutrality across our operations: ABB opens a solar park in the Jüri technology campus, Estonia

In the first half of 2020, something remarkable happened. For the first time, Europe generated most of its electricity from renewable sources, with 40% of electricity produced versus 34% from fossil fuels. Moving forward to this year, solar PV is on track to account for 60% of global renewable power growth in 2022 according to the IEA (International Energy Agency)¹.

The global trend towards net-zero is now inevitable – and rightly so!

Whilst countries and governments obviously have a role to play – so do organizations. At ABB Large Motors and Generators (LMG), we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own operations whilst also enabling others to do the same. Through our energy efficient motors and generators – we are supporting others on their own net-zero journey.

We are driven to improving the energy efficiency of our motors and generators as this reduces energy used, lowers CO2 emissions, and lowers operating costs. For example, over a 20-year period, a more energy efficient motor will result in a saving of more than 5,900 tons of CO2, equating to more than 3,000 round-trip flights from London to New York. Further to this, when combined with different types of drives, more energy efficient motors can reduce energy consumption by an average of 25%.

ABB's aim is clearly defined: Reach carbon neutrality across our operations. To do this, we have committed to using green electricity across all manufacturing sites, utilizing technology such as LEDs and solar and accelerate continuous improvement projects which drive waste recovery on site.

In Estonia, for example, ABB LMG has opened a solar park in the Jüri technology campus. This newly completed solar park will supply green energy to the LMG factory, where, alongside our facility in Finland, we manufacture highly energy efficient motors and generators.

The solar park Consists of six stations and 820 panels in the heart of the campus, it will generate 360kW of electricity, supplying nearly 6% of the factory’s electricity needs. Until now, ABB has purchased 100% renewable electricity for the operation of its factories and with the solar park, our carbon footprint of the factory will be further reduced. This development represents an important part of our sustainability strategy and because of increasing energy prices, the savings will cover the initial investment much quicker.

In Europe, we are all aware of the growing cost of energy – whether operating a factory or simply refuelling or recharging your car – and we are all taking steps to use less. At a business level, this means a focus on increasing energy efficiency and solutions exist to deliver this.

Collectively – governments, organizations, individuals – all acknowledge the changes needed in the way we generate electricity to protect the environment, lower emissions and reduce our natural resource consumption. We must also continue to drive innovation in energy efficiency, ensuring we can continue to walk down the pathway to net-zero and help facilitate others in the most responsible way possible.

We are proud of the work we are doing not only with our energy efficiency movement but also in the way we are changing our own business operations through using renewables. The solar park at the Jüri technology campus is a fitting example as to how solar energy can help us take further steps towards carbon neutrality and net-zero.



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