ABB Turbocharging at Posidonia 2014– Hall 2, Stand 2.211

ABB Turbocharging, a global leader in the manufacture and maintenance of turbochargers for two- and four-stroke engines, announced that it will be participating at Posidonia 2014, the world's most prestigious maritime event.

The event which takes place in Athens from 2nd to 6th June attracts a broad range of visitors from the international shipping community, from ship owners to ship equipment manufacturers and service providers. This year, ABB Turbocharging will be showcasing its key products, technology innovations and solutions for meeting today's challenging maritime business environment.

Product and solutions showcase at Posidonia 2014

A200-L, 2-stroke turbocharging
A centerpiece of the ABB Turbocharging stand will be the new A200-L turbocharger, which targets the low-speed 2-stroke engines used in the tankers, bulkers and container ships which form such an important part of the Greek merchant fleet.

A key highlight of the A200-L is the improved design of compressor wheel, enabling it to attain up to 30% greater volume flow, higher pressure ratios and higher overall efficiency than its direct predecessor - but from a considerably smaller package. In addition to providing more power, the A200-L offers further fuel efficiency gains and significant emissions reduction.

ABB Turbocharging staff will be on hand to provide more insights into A200-L.

High Pressure Tuning (HPT)
More powerful engines have meant more efficient, high-pressure turbochargers. The state-of-the-art has always required extra hardware such as exhaust gas bypass or variable turbine geometry to make the most of turbocharging pressure ratio and efficiency for part and low load.

High-pressure tuning (HPT) by ABB does all that without such add-ons by delaying exhaust valve closing somewhat later than in an engine with conventional tuning. Engines tuned with HPT can offer additional savings in fuel consumption, while lowering emissions.

In combination with HPT, the performance and efficiency gains of the A200-L can be enhanced even further.

Visit ABB's stand to learn more about the benefits of HPT.

Second generation of Power2, 4-stroke turbocharging
Following the successful launch and implementation of the first generation of Power2®, ABB's two- stage turbocharging system for the four-stroke market - already over 120 systems installed - ABB Turbocharging has now launched the second generation of Power2.

Visitors to Posidonia can look forward to gaining first-hand insights into this new technology that uniquely addresses market needs for higher system performance, better fuel efficiency and compliance with stricter emission regulations.

One of the technical highlights of the second-generation of Power2 is the ability to achieve pressure ratios of up to 12 compared to around 8 with the first generation, while maintaining favorable turbocharging efficiencies of 75% and above. An additional benefit is its ease of service. The new generation of Power2 now features a 2-step cartridge retrieval concept, replacing the complicated 6- step concept, thus minimizing service downtimes.

ABB Turbocharging staff will be on hand at the stand to provide more information on Power2.

VCM Valve Control Management
Valve Control Management, or VCM®, is an electro-hydraulic, cam-supported variable valve train system for four-stroke engines. VCM responds adaptively to change the valve timing so that an engine always receives an ideal amount of air at any load, speed or both.

VCM can take a turbocharged engine from idling to full load in half the usual time - in some cases even more quickly. VCM increases engine efficiency, particularly with gas engines on base load applications. VCM offers new options for higher-performance engines that need either a wide range of operation or a fast load response, such as on tugboats, off-highway trucks, gas compressors and emergency power generators.

ABB Turbocharging Service Offerings
In addition to showcasing its solutions and technologies at Posidonia 2014, ABB Turbocharging will be illustrating the services offerings for its customers. Some key features of ABB's services offerings are its proactive nature and the global network of ABB's professional engineers.

All work is carried out by ABB Turbocharging's highly qualified technicians using only ABB Original Parts.

OPAC Operation Performance Package (OPAC)
With OPAC, engine operators delegate maintenance, repair and planned overhauls of turbochargers entirely to ABB Turbocharging's global service network. Eligible for OPAC delegated servicing are 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines in both marine and in stationary applications.

ABB maintains over 1200 turbochargers under the OPAC agreement for more than 40 contracts.

MMA Managed Maintenance Agreement (MMA)
ABB Turbocharging's MMAs target turbocharger end users wanting close support of servicing rather than complete delegation. MMAs thus give the turbocharger end user the benefits of early ordering while allowing ABB Turbocharging to support the management of their equipment.

Over 300 customers are already convinced about the benefits of MMA. There are some 1500 turbochargers under an MMA agreement across several applications: marine, power stations, oil and gas.

ABB Turbocharging ( is at the helm of the global industry in the manufacture and servicing of turbochargers for 500 kW to 80 + MW diesel and gas engines. Our leading-edge technology and innovation enables our customers to perform better and produce fewer emissions, even in the toughest terrains. Approximately 200,000 ABB turbochargers are in operation across the globe on ships, in power stations, on gen-sets, diesel locomotives and large, off-highway vehicles.

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