ABB as headline partner contributes to Tallinn Architecture Biennale

The 5th Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) takes place from September 11-15 in Kultuurikatel (the Creative Hub). This is the largest event in the field of architecture and construction of the Northern European region this year. The theme of this year's biennale is “Beauty matters. The Return of Beauty“ and it is curated by architect Yael Reisner. ABB is proud to be part of the event as headline partner to Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

The TAB consists of five main events: a symposium, a curatorial exhibition, a vision competition, an installation competition, an international exhibition of architecture schools and a satellite programme. ABB is a Headline Partner of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale and Katrin Förster, International Key Account Manager for ABB Architects and Interior Designers, is the one standing behind this status. It should be added that, thanks to Förster’s initiative, ABB is also a Headline Partner at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) and a Lead Partner and Trophy Patron at the Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF). „We see this as one way to express our partnership with architects,“ Katrin states. The following is an introduction to ABB contribution at the Biennale.

The following is an introduction to ABB contribution at the Biennale.

There is a robot serving coffee in the ABB lounge area

The highlight of the TAB is a symposium taking place on September 12-13th in Kultuurikatel (the Creative Hub), where ABB is participating with its lounge area, a cozy place for festival guests to have a good time. The lounge also features ABB staff who answer questions about ABB's collaboration with the world of architecture. There are coffee, coffee cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks served in the lounge. By the way, coffee is served by the tireless YuMi, the world's first collaboration robot created by ABB.

Collaboration robot YuMi.
Collaboration robot YuMi.

GOOD TO KNOW. YuMi is the first collaboration robot in the world that can work side-by-side with people and perform the same tasks while at the same time meeting all safety requirements. The YuMi can be controlled using a smart device and has an accuracy that can be compared to threading a needle. The uniqueness of YuMi has also been discovered by architects. YuMi is capable of working in small spaces while retaining functionality and performance. Figuratively speaking, YuMi leaves a small footprint while doing a great job. VIDEO

TAB Panel Discussion: “Why and how beauty matters for technology?”

ABB is also essentially involved in the TAB panel discussion on September 12th. ABB is represented by Dr Kim Listmann (Manager for Automation and Grid Technologies at ABB’s Corporate Research Center) from Germany. His message at the symposium focuses on "why and how is beauty important in technology" and not just in architecture. Kim Listmann believes that ABB's collaboration with architects will create new trends, mindsets and insights in a number of major challenges in building automation and smart city solutions, and will lead to innovative solutions and new values for future clients.

 Dr Kim Listmann.
Dr Kim Listmann.

Kim Listmann: “There are many opportunities for collaboration between ABB and architects, especially, but not limited to, smart home and smart city. Co-operation with architects will help to create new thinking and understanding of the major challenges in the industry, and will lead to innovative solutions and the birth of new values for our future clients. ”

READ MORE. Dr. Kim Listmann obtained a master's degree in mechatronics (Technische Universität Dresden) and a doctorate degree in applied mathematics (Technische Universität Darmstadt). He is fascinated by creating radically innovative concepts for well-known customer problems and their application in industrial environment.

ABB Club-talk Panel Discussion “Are you still in charge? Smart Technologies have changed the perspective of architecture”

As part of the TAB Supplementary Programme, there are also TAB Club-Talk events, which are open to anyone interested and do not require a TAB ticket.

The ABB TAB Club Talk will be held on September 12th at 1:15 p.m. The nearly 40-minute discussion will focus on how smart technologies help architects create the best solutions for clients and what industrial companies like ABB could learn from architects.

Raul Järg, the moderator of the panel discussion: “Smart solutions are becoming an integral part of buildings - it is imperative that technological solutions are put to work homogeneously and energy efficient use of the building to be achieved. Building design will become more complex and complicated. In the panel discussion, we want to find out how the parties see their role in this. Are the roles, competences and responsibilities of the parties changing and how? Whether at all, and who is driving the changing processes? What has changed in the design of buildings by 2030 and what is the role of the architect in that?”

Raul Järg, the moderator of the panel discussion.
Raul Järg, the moderator of the panel discussion.

Jukka Patrikainen, Managing Director of ABB Baltics: “Modern technologies have become irreversible in architecture, buildings and everything around us is getting smarter. In order to ensure what today’s facilities require - beauty, functionality, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, quality, sustainability - all parties must work closely together. That's why input from architects is also very important to ABB - so that we would know what they need from us.”

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Participants in the panel discussion are: Raul Järg (Head of the Estonian Centre of Architecture) as the moderator, Martin Thalfeldt (Professor at TalTech Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture / nZEB Near Zero Energy Research Group), Merylin Rüütli (founder of the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster / CEO Projekt Kuubis), Jukka Patrikainen (Head of ABB Baltic States) and Jonas Söderström (ABB Regional Sales Manager, Nordic Countries, Electrification / Smart Buildings).

ABB Building Automation Solutions at the Estonian Museum of Architecture

The 5th Tallinn Architecture Biennale will begin on September 11th with the opening of the curatorial exhibition „Beauty Matters“ at the Rotermann Salt Storage at the Museum of Estonian Architecture, highlighting the importance and role of beauty in exploring new architectural forms of beauty in the context of new habitats. As part of ABB's large portfolio of intelligent building control solutions, TAB exhibitions at the museum employ an automated lighting solution. The curator's exhibition can be visited from September 11th to November 17th.

ABB Product Manager Eduard Smagin: “Within the curatorial exhibition, we will provide the scene lighting solutions desired by architects Yael Reisner and Barnaby Gunning. We use a variety of automation solutions, both devices and systems. Based on the design, I dare to say that the end result will be beautiful and showy. ”

READ MORE. ABB is indisputably one of the global leaders in building automation. The company has building automation components that cover the full spectrum of applications needed in modern buildings, from lighting to heating, ventilation, security and energy management.

ABB contributes to the dynamic transformation process by providing solutions that help to erect more sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings.


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